Quest Chute Kayak

I am thinking of getting the Chute 98 by Quest from Dicks sports for $179. Does anyone have experence with this kayak?

Save up instead, until you can afford
a well-restored HRG.

OK, I give up. What is a HRG?

Chute 98
The Chute 98 is not a bad multi-purpose Kayak. Particularly for the price. I’ve done a fair amount of Kayaking and Canoeing on lakes and rivers with class 3-4 rapids. I have an light touring Kayak that performs and tracks excellent. In comparison taking both out on a medium windy lake the Chute 98 tracked and handled well plus was stable. It did not track and perform as well as my other Kayak but it was not bad and I was impressed considering the price. I tested another kayak that was three times the cost of the Chute and less than my other Kayak and the Chute out performed it and the other kayak tracked terribly. The foot pedals are nice in the Chute and I like the solution that Qwest put into place. I have an assortment of paddles. The Chute 98 did well with my expense Sawyer paddle, however the best match that I found was the Chute 230 cm paddle to combine with the 98 if you are going to use it on a lake. Summary I don’t think this is bad kayak for the price.

chute 98 or potomac 100es?
Hi - do you have a recommendation between the Chute 98 and the Potomac 100es?