Question about a New kayak,Private Owner

Im here in Ohio,so we got plenty of time to shop around and find a kayak for my daughter “she’s12” before we go out again :frowning:

But the wife and I bought a set of kayaks last year to try out and we really liked it,I brought out the daughter a few times and she really liked it too,so we are going to get another one so we all can go. We almost bought one over the Xmas sales for like $200 or so,I think it was a pelican on sale at dicks. Im sure it would have worked out fine,but I held off as it looked Really bare bones basic.

So anyway popped on craigslist today just to look and seen some guy selling a 2015 wilderness systems Aspire 10.5 claims it was never used,and I can have it for $450. Seems like a good deal “assuming he has all paperwork” But do you think I should get something else cheaper,or something else better for around that same price tag,Or should I jump on this deal?

We already have a spare nice paddle and life jacket,so just looking to get a decent yak for her.

We go into inland lakes and very calm rivers,I have a pungo 140,wife has a Jackson Tupelo 12’

Another idea
You might also want to look at the Jackson Riveria. They are available new with a warrantee on sale from time to time on line for about $450. This sit on top is a very good 11 foot boat.

I really am not a fan of the big box store kayaks, but aside from those, almost anything less than 11 or 12 feet will be really slow and the smallest paddlers do not necessarily need the slowest boats, so maybe you can fine something in the 12 to 14 foot range on craigslist?

Where in Ohio are you paddling? Lots of different waters depending on where you are.

While a 12’ boat may be fine for small inland lakes, they really don’t belong on bigger waters like Lake Erie.

Bill H.

Just Near by
We mainly stay on the chagrin river,Mentor Lagoons area,Punderson Park lake things like that.

We havent even attempted going out on lake erie.

We tend to like the lazy paddle scenic outings.

Aspire 10.5
It seems like a good deal considering they retail for about $600-$700 new. Their are no titles for kayaks so I don’t know what paperwork you are referring to. With all that being said it will probably be the slowest boat of the three. My suggestion would be to look for a 12’ boat.

You do need proof of ownership in Ohio
every state is different so don’t assume what works for you will work nationwide

it’ll be the slowest of the 3

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but I'm not sure how much slower than the twelve footer. Should be fine for flatwater (Punderson Park is nice).
A good deal from a quality brand - personally I wouldn't go near Pelican boats (sorry Hyundai owners). At that price you can always get it and keep shopping.

Deck height
it’d work. As slush said, likely the slowest of the three but it sounds like that would be something to which you could adapt. My only question is the height, the site says the boat is 15.5 inches deep.

How tall is your daughter? If the boat you get for her is way deep, she really could be knocking her knuckles as she paddled. Happened to my sister, very much a rec boater. If she is shorter, you might want to find something that is a couple of inches less deep.

Nothing wrong with my Hyundai Sante Fe…Better than any of the American Brands. I have not owned an American car since the 1980’s.

X2 on the Jackson Rivera
For the places you plan to paddle, very versatile as to size and type of paddler. Tkamd