Question about Chota mukluks

Newbie here with what I hope is not the stupidest question of the day…

My Chota mukluks came with a large piece of neoprene in the box. What is its purpose?

neo patch
I use it for making repairs when needed

Sole Pads
I used mine to make a set of insoles that I then glued in place.

In frigid conditions the insoles add a great deal of insulation.

I didn’t get one with mine.
Maybe I should write them.

Speaking of Chotas…
how waterproof are they and how well does the cinch strap “retard” flooding if you happen to get the tops under water. I paddle a SOT and I have been considering these mukluks for some time --perhaps to go on my Christmas list.

my experience

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It depends on how much time you need to get out of the water, or at least into water below tops of the Chotas.

I get about 5-7 seconds before the water starts to creep in and about 20 seconds before a lot of water is in. With my dry pants on and also cinched, I probably get about 30 seconds before water creeps in and around a minute before there is a lot.

Just a guess, but I'd say those with larger diameter legs would get more time than I do since there is a puckered area on my Chotas when cinched. That is most likely the primary source of my leakage.

Water Proof…
…they live up to that so long as they are undammaged…I get more moisture from wearing my Thorlo’s in them.

completely waterproof
Below the strap, so much so that I forgot to even mention it in my previous post.

Clarion is right
I have oak tree-sized calves, a tight fit in my size-11 Lights. I find that very little water intrudes - in fact, as I submerge my leg, water pressure forces air out of the mukluk, making it cling tightly to my leg.

I was initially worried that I had bought one size too large, but I installed innersoles which provide extra warmth and most importantly, cushioning (as I said these are the Light models).


thanx for the info
that definitely places a pair on my Christmas list.

thanks for the replies
I finally called Piragis from which I ordered them and was told that the neoprene was just padding in the box but could certainly be used for repairs, etc.

I had thought of making innersoles. Also thinking about cutting and gluing neoprene bands to slide on right below my knees and under the cinch straps. This might take up some of the pucker when the straps are pulled tight and perhaps make them a bit more watertight.

Big feet…skinny legs
I bought a pair of Chota lights in size 11 but my legs are skinny. The uppers are very loose and the cinch straps pucker the top edge pretty bad. I’m reluctant to use them because I’m afraid they will act like 5 gallon buckets tied to my feet.

I may try a pair of NRS boundary boots. I haven’t seen a pair of NRS in 11 but the smaller sizes look like they have a slimmer cut to the uppers.


I’m with ya…
size 11s here attached to the sticks of a peacock!

Federal law prohibits any and all public display of my bare legs due to the emotional trauma that may be incurred by innocent bystanders…

Seriously, the NRS Boundary boots do indeed have a less full upper. I started with a pair of Chota Mukluk Lites but the upper was far too full. I’m now paddling with a pair of the Quicklace Mukluks and they have a lower volume upper. Why this is I haven’t a clue. They’re still more voluminous than I care for but they are working.

Between the two Chota boots, I purchased a pair of the Boundary boots, size 11. I really liked the lower volume upper and wore them in my living room for an evening to check the fit. They seemed OK so I took them out a few days later on a day trip. As it turned out, the NRS boots were just a bit too narrow for my wide foot and I was getting some discomfort after a few hours. Of course, I was no longer able to return them as I had worn them outside. So now I have a pair of Boundary boots, worn once, sitting around in my gear collection!

If your foot is of average width, I’ll bet the Boundary boots will do ya fine. They seem to be a well built item and are a little warmer than the Chotas due to thier heavier construction.

Pleasant waters to ya.


I don’t know what kind of paddling uses,but I’ve used them as seatpads in winter or when I was climbing Mt Rainier… It worked well!


Fill The Chota With Water
and see where it drips out. A dap of Aquaseal worked into the offending spot with a toothpick will stop the leak.

If it’s a rip, than it’s best to also backup with a patch to stop the rip from expanding.


Leave 'em Be…
don’t do additional work that isn’t needed. I have had my chotas for quite awhile and have had any leakage problems. I have to admit I have not use the Chotas all that much since putting on booties onto my drysuit.

If you add on stuff on a relative thick material, you find that you’ll begin to feel it weird/uncomfortable spot as you out there paddling. The worse would be that it creates a rubbing area that leads irritation.

Save the neoprene piece as a patch for the CHota or something else that needs it.


also got the large piece of neoprene
Saturday afternoon the salesperson at Lee’s rolled the piece up and put it back in the box after showing it to me. I made some sort of goofy remark about having read about that out here. He didn’t offer an explanation.

Sunday at about four in the morning, my brother and I walked down to the river through underbrush, ice, and frozen mud. I stood on a sandbar in my quicklace boots and we watched the river flow for awhile. I was impressed with the boots and surprised at how clean the water was in the Kalamazoo River. Then when we got back up to the house I showed him the neoprene piece and he said something about “good marketing” and that the boots looked expensive.

I wear a ladies 8 and these are a men’s 7. They are tight and do not have any gaps. Getting them off - now that did take some effort. Anyone else find them suctioned to your feet?

Linda, if you swim
the water pressure will force any remaining air out of your mukluks and suction them to your feet and calves! It is a rather uncomfortable feeling, but better than having flooded boots.


Used it for my Miata Convertable top
I used the rubber that came with my Chota Mucklucks to put a little extra padding on the rubber gasket of the window mouding joint sections, in my Mazda Miata.

Other than that I don’t know what it is in the box for, When I got mine, some had the black foam, and some has white shipping foam. I guess it is just to seperate the boots in shipping, so they don’t damage each other in shipping.

But they do work well, and I like the boots

Taking off mukluks
Roll down the top half way and the mukluks slip off easily and putting them back on with the tops rolled down is much easier.