Question about fit kits

I’ve got a 97 Dodge Neon without a factory roof rack and I’m trying to get a Thule rack system on there. I don’t have much money so I’m trying to get it used via craigslist. The Thule website says I need the 232 Fit Kit, LB50 load bars, and 400XT feet.

I’ve already got the fit kit and now I’m trying to get the feet and bars. I’d just like to know if my fit kit would be compatible with any type of feet other than the 400XT’s. I’ve seen some others that look like they might work but I don’t want to drive an hour to go pick them up just to find out they won’t work.

Thanks for the help.


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I've got a 20-year-old Thule rack with the towers that preceded the 400XT. The fit kit I just bought worked fine. The instruction sheet(available online)showed the older style towers.

thule feet/fit kit
The only difference between thule 400xt and older 400 feet is a plastic covering for aerodynamic effect. The fit kit will work the same on both. The fit kit will not work on all thule feet such as the Tracker foot which require completely different fit kits.