Question about kayaking in Texas

Hello! I know very little about kayaking, but I am going to learn much more about it and maybe getting my own equipment in the future. My family has some land in East Texas that has a creek called Hurricane Bayou. I sometimes walk there and look at the wildlife and fossils in there. The creek gets filled up all the way during the spring and early summer with rapidly running water. I would like to go kayaking in it during those times, but I don’t know about any laws regarding it. Would kayaking in a creek that goes through other people’s land be considered trespassing?

Look here, but call local authorities too. I would not take a chance on getting someone POd.

These unusual conditions often have flood conditions and situations not in line with a beginner skill set. Normal things become hazards.

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Strainers like downed trees and other semi-submerged objects can be particularly dangerous in creeks like this. Moving water is incredible powerful. I have seen many canoes and kayaks completely flattened and wrapped around such things. Entrapment can be fatal in such a situation and it can happen very quickly.

I would want proper experience before taking a kayak on such a creek. Scouting the creek ahead of time or having excellent visibility of the water ahead and a way to quickly get to shore could be critical.