Question about NRS sales

Does NRS ever have sales on their Drysuits? If they when should I start looking for the sale?


the first time I bought
a couple NRS extremes, I ended up buying them from Outdoorplay, who had a sale, and saved around $50 a suit. Second time around (200 days of usage/3 years later) I went to NRS, don’t think there was a sale. I get their catalog seasonally, and iirc, prices are pretty stable.

Not sure if it is seasonal

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But NRS had a pretty good sale on drywear last year and even better this year. I think they actually have it now for some Kokatats and others too... At one point it was as much as 40% off on selected items, which is a lot considering an original price near $1K...

even now

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"Aegis Drysuit" on sale, with 25% discount.
"Mariner" closeout, with 30% discount.

Link to nrs -

Try outdoorplay
They sell or sold NRS suits and have a 15% for outdoorplay club members as well as sales

Frontier Play

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NRS is having a clearance sale now. Don't know if any drysuits are included, but I bet there are at least a couple. Not sure how the arrangement works exactly, but Darren Smith at Frontierplay gives ten percent off any NRS item bought through him. He's a super nice guy too.


In fact, looks like NRS is having a sale on several drysuits right now:


Cascade Outfitters
Seems like they often have sales with significant discounts