Question about Old Town Camper canoe

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I just bought a used Old Town Camper 16' canoe. I'm trying to figure out if it's Royalex.(This one is about 12 years old I think). My scale puts it around 63 pounds, give or take. Have Campers been exclusively Royalex forever? (I also have the serial number if anyone is able to decipher that.)

Any help would be appreciated!


Royalex only
The Camper was exclusively a Royalex/Oltanor hull.

The weights of the hull will vary with the trim, cane or web or rotomolded seats for example. 63# is a good weight for that hull.


royalex only

Serial number: Look for the last 4 digits for the date of production. A means January, B means February… Next digit is year of production. For example 2 means 2012 or 2002 or 1992 or… the last 2 digits means modell-year, can be one year later than year of production.

For example K798 is November 1997.

regards from Germany!