Question about Old Town Pack Thwart

I have a question about a used Pack canoe. The current owner took out the factory cane seat and replaced it w/ a ll bean seat. So there only one thwart left. Does it affect the strength and stiffness of canoe? I would use it for some light whitewater. Really appreciate your time and help.

Oldtown thinks so
Look at the Oldtown pack Angler to answer your question. The factory replaced the standard cane seat with a hanging plastic contraption and found the need to add a second thwart. The two thwarts are spaced evenly so the front thwart is also further forward on that model. Try a strong stern pry in your current setup and you will probably flex the hull a lot.

great to know that
thank you.

It’s fairly easy
to add another thwart, that’s what I did when I swapped out my old cane seat for the angler version.

but I am new to Canoeing but with lots kayaking experience. Also not sure that canoe owner still keep the original thwart or not.

Send Old Town an email
Dear Kurt,

If you want a factory thwart just send Old an email and they’ll get back to you quickly with a price.

You can also look around for anyone who sells replacement canoe seats, they usually also offer replacement thwarts as well. Ed’s Canoe is one place that comes to mind.


Tim Murphy AKA Goobs

No original thwart
The standard pack used the seat to stiffen the hull and never had a rear thwart. Ask the seller for the original seat and hardware and put it back to the way it left the factory. A thwart could also be added if you are going to some other seating arrangement. It’s just a piece of ash with some stainless hardware like the front one. Nothing fancy or complicated.