Question About P & H Skeg

Hello Everyone,

I recently purchased a P&H Capella 166RM. I also received lots of advice from everyone on this board so thanks to everyone for that. The kayak was purchased used from a dealer. I love the boat so far but I am not sure that the skeg on this is functioning normal. The skeg when fully deployed only comes down about 3-4 inches out of the kayak. This is my first sea kayak and skeg so I'm not sure if this is normal or not. Other skegs I have seen seem to drop out of the boat almost at a 90 degree angle when deployed. I hope my description makes sense...if not please let me know and I may try and attach some pics. Thanks in advance again.

there are a 2 versions now
the new one drops 90 degrees straight down…the older ones do not drop as far…

here is a link about skeg repair that happens to be specific to PH

you tube vid
some Capella & Cetus owners I know found this

of value:

all about using and caring for the new style skeg,

presented by Mark Pecot, a well regarded outfitter

in the Cleveland area, and a P&H sponsored paddler.

He is Kayak41North on this board, also the name of his outfitting business. He posts occasionally. You could contact him directly if you have more


Same boat
Mine drops down plenty. Maybe you simply need to adjust the tension on the system.

have the same boat. If by “3-4” inches you mean “three to four” inches at the aft edge of the blade then it is working correctly. The new ones drop out like a surf board fin, yours does not. Be aware that your skeg can jam really easily from pebbles after a beach launch and then the cable can be kinked (destroyed) by an aggressive attempt to drop the skeg. I have a short string tied to a hole in the blade and if the skeg gets jammed (it very often does) I have a partner pull it out. (If you meant “three fourths” of an inch then it is not working correctly).