Question about sportsrig shocks

I just pick up a used sportsrig trailer. I want to replace the shocks but cannot find the part number or name on the shocks where it’s worn. Does anyone know what size shocks I can get for it?

Maybe try calling or emailing them. INFO@SPORTSRIG.COM
Tel: 1-800-601-7575

I have. They are at a show out west. Haven’t told me the name or part. It’s actually not listed on their site but said they do sell them. It’s two weeks out before I can get them and I need them for a tournament this weekend

That’s a bummer. Am guessing there’s nothing in the assembly manual either. I did find this blurb in the FAQ: “the tires, wheels, shocks, and bearings are all motorcycle components.”

Know any motorcycle mechanics?

Hoping to maybe find someone tomorrow to check it out. That or receive an email back from sportsrig themselves. Thanks for trying to help too

Hope you get it resolved before the weekend. Good luck at your tournament.