Question about Valley Nordkapp

I have seen one used Valley Nordkapp for sale. The seller has no idea how old it might be. It has two hatches. One small round and one large( not sure oval or not from the pix). It has ocean cockpit. The owner said might be 6-8 years old but I doubt it. The newer models, I have seen three hatches with Keyhole cockpit mostly. Anybody has idea about the age for this very popular sea kayak? Appreciate your help!

Sounds like an HS, over 10 years old. Perhaps this link will help.

Hull number
Not sure if this applies to all kayaks but the ones I have had all had hull/serial numbers on them and the last two digits were the year it was made. The hull numbers on all of mine were on the side near the stern on kayak.

Thank Seadddict and dc. Very interesting to know that. I own two Valley: Pintail and Selkie. I have never known the serial # can tell the year it was made.

tells the month it was made. the month is translated into the number of the month…01 for January etc

and the importer too…if it’s a valley the first letters are the importer’s code

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