Question for QCC Q700 Owners

How does boat perform offshore in big swells and rough conditions? Thank you for sharing your experiences.

It All Good
The terms conditions, rough, big swells all are subjective and mean differing things to all of us.

I have been playing around in the ocean this year and usually pick my days as what I would consider calm, 3’ swells or less. I have been out in what I consider rough conditions twice now when the chop was three feet with the tops blowing off and the swells were in the eight foot plus range. The boat has always done well and had more to go.

I have also been practicing surf launching and landings and generally learning to control the boat in the surf. Again, I have picked my days for relative calm and have been pleased with the boat here also. Ive gotta say that the Q boat is not the best boat to play in the surf that is not what it was designed for. But she does manage to get ashore and back out.

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While I have not been
been in big off shore swells “yet”, I know of people who have and it has performed GREAT. That “is” one of the conditions this kayak was designed for.

Have been in tidal/river swells and wind driven Gulf waves in the 3-4’ range and it has handeled great and surfs great too! (700X in carbon/kevlar).

I’m happy with mine!
It handled 4’ waves and wind better than I did. It is hard to manuever in rough and confused water but I think any long boat will be. All in all I’ve felt I was the limiting factor in the boats handling and I was wishing I had it when I was on some 5’+ waves in Lake Michigan.



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about "differing definitions..." Takes awhile to figure out some of the folks here and what they like to do and in what "conditions." If you don't know, then you could well be engaged in "apples to oranges" type of discussions.


would a location help
Don’t know if this helps, but I generally paddle off the Southern California coast in the Pacific. A longer trip might from the Long Beach to Catalina Island (about 20 miles) or Ventura Harbor to one of the Channel Islands.

methinks if you are capable of paddling in those conditions then you could discern differences between the QCC700 and other “sea kayaks” but it would “perform” as well as you. Maybe if you gave an example of what sea kayaks you are familiar with folks could provide a comparison. If you aren’t paddling fast you might not need a fast kayak.

Great whites
are in that area and NO kayak is great white proof.

Haven’t seen any sharks
while out kayaking. We do see dolphins, sea lions, seals and the occasional whale. Once saw a big shark while flying between Catalina Island and LA.

Nevertheless, you are correct that they are in the area: