Question for Rack and Roll owners

We just got a Rack and Roll trailer, and it seems to be exactly what we were looking for in a trailer. Here’s my question: When you carry your kayak positioned appropriately on it, how far is the bow from the back of your vehicle? What is your suggested distance to allow for safe turning?

Thanks in advance.

did you get
the tongue extention? without it a 16/17 foot kayak is a little tooooo close fer my comfort and needs to be placed aft of the balance point to work. if you’re carrying shorter boats, no problemo.

I had a van that had 2 sweet little dimples where the yaks used to hit on sharp turns. (not my R/R trailer, tho!)

The R/R still amazes me. we hauled 4 boats to NoCal (from SW Washington) and it’s like the trailer isn’t even back there.



tongue extender
We did get the tongue extender (and are now trying to get the wiring to work without it–it was somewhat oddly rigged by the previous owner). However, I will be carrying single boats at a time, mostly a 14’ and occasionally one just under 15’. I would prefer the trailer shorter than with the extender since I don’t see any reason to use it… Surely even with the bulk of the boat forward of the wheel axels, it can’t hit the car if it is centered??? (It’s also a brand new car…) Sounds like you are saying I will be fine with nothing longer than 15’ centered?

You could always put the boats on sideways, of course they might stick out a little on the sides… really the only way to tell if you have enough clearance it hook it up, put it at the sharpest angle you are ever likely to do, and strap on your yacks, mark the location. i had to do this with my Camper, while hauling my QCC-700s on the roof of my Sub…

It seems to me that the pivot point of a kayak loaded facing front would be the bow of the boat. The boat swivels side to side as the trailer takes turns but the bow would mostly just pivot and could never contact the back of the car… I can see the problem with sharp turns with two yaks, but I’m thinking one will not be problematic. Guess this requires a definite test run or two…

BTW, yes, this seems to be a fantastic trailer. And easy loading and unloading of the boat!

take 'er off
if all your hauling is sub 15 YES take the extention off.

center boats and…

you can always test the system. back up with boats ON and let it turn. have someone observe and tell ya if it’s gunna hit!




I assume that you have allowed
for sufficient clearance between the bow and the vehicle for those times when the turning axis is HORIZONTAL - such as when you have to drive through a gutter or when approaching a ramp.