question for sirocco owners...hole in

foam bulkheads going from compartment to compartment appx 1/4" diameter. I just picked up an 05’ sirocco and wanted to know if it is standard for a hole in each bulkhead (maybe 3" from top of yak). I assume for expansion/contraction? Can anyone confirm they have the same holes in their sirocco bulkheads?



A very small hole
of about 1/32 of an inch in the very center of the bulkhead is normal. This is a vent hole to keep the hatches from imploding when you put a hot boat filled with hot air in the hatches in cold water.

A 1/4 inch hole sounds a bit large to me, but I own a Gulfstream and a NF Shadow.

my 04 sirocco
has very small holes, with “straws” (small black plastic) that go through each bulkhead.


thx u guys