Question for two person guideboat guys

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My wife and I just finished watching day two of the 90 miler, and we were wondering how and when does the stern guy switch with the guy doing the rowing ?

Is the boat stable enough to do it out on the water, or do you change places during the portages?


Its a gymnastic ballet move

I have been lucky enough to see the swap performed several times by teams of various sizes. It is done on the water. One member of the team crouches on the bottom of the boat, the other switches seats passing over the crouched member. Some teams are matched and flexible and can take turns doing the crouching. Others have the same person do the crouching each time.

Done well, it goes very quickly, and gracefully. Others find it upsetting.


I wish
In my rowing life the man rows and the women or child steers. No switching occurs. I’m hoping that my future holds a potential for the man to row and dad sits in the back and steers. Maybe I could steer and nap at the same time?

Thanks Bill
No matter how much we learn about this wonderful paddling sport, there is always more.



What you need to do is paddle stern in…
a C-2, like I do.

The bow paddler never sees you taking a nap, where as the guideboat rower will be looking right at you and probably give you a good whack upside the head.



2 Man guideboat some year

Before we are too old to carry a tandem guideboat, we ought to give it a try.

Gearwoman used to row with a womans team in Philadelphia and has the technique, but she does not think too much of pinned oars, too used to feathering in the rowing shells. Doesn’t think too much of doing the carries on the 90 Miler with a wooden guideboat.

Might have to see if smiling Chris Hoyt is looking for a partner some year soon.


Too many boats
Every time we see a two person rowing shell or a two person guideboat, Nanci says we should get one.

It would be kind of tough rowing on our little rocky trout stream up here in the high country though.



Price is a problem

any decent guideboat goes for $5000. the fiberglass copies of a guideboat won’t qualify for the 90 miler. it has to be all wood construction with very rigid specs for the main bottom board, planking, oarlocks, etc.

I figure i need to go with someone who has the boat and needs a partner, or wait till someone who owns one can’t row anymore and wants to sell it.

Brian did have one that he rented to the Quebec boys that are in the video.

For me $5000 is too much just to have a guideboat that will take up precious inside storage space for a few outings.