Question for WW& slalom crowd

Is this kind of boat

popular anymore? Or have the shorter WW boats pretty much taken over?

I have no knowledge about them.

Any thoughts?

old school!
In terms of general river running, obviously you would want plastic for it’s impact resistance. Also these days the trend is toward planing hulls, shorter boats for manueverability, etc. For the slalom guys who use fiberglass boats, the one you posted wouldn’t cut it either. Those guys use extremely low volume boats compared to the one posted. For pond paddling, simple river running, or class I-II whitewater it looks fine.

Slalom boats
I think you’d have a real hard time selling those.

Here are some slalom boats

click on kayaks and decked canoes.

Not a good choice.
You can get a well known, good used old school WW boat for $200-$300 or less that will do everything claimed for that boat and better. I am not a fan of old school boats but they are just fine for many things. I keep two around for pool classes, visitors, and beginners on river trips. As pictured the boat in question does not appear to have a lot of stability but that is very hard to judge. I would certainly investigate before I bought.