Question for Yukon Expedition owners

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Didn’t find anything in the archives that fit this exact question…so here it goes.

I am currently 290 pds and 6’1". My waist is 42-44 with a 32 inseam. My question is…with this much weight will this model still handle ok? What about with 70 additional pounds of camping gear? Seriously considering getting one since it is a crossover model? Would a guy my size be able to get in and out ok? What about a wet exit? Thigh area length? Would love to test out a demo, but none in my area of Oregon. Thanks for any help, take care.

You’d be on the heavy side. Better demo

ABSOLUTELY better demo…
…size wise, you might fit, but BY ALL MEANS paddle this boat BEFORE you buy. The Yukon Expedition, in my opinion, is a very difficult boat to paddle and needs a rudder badly. Probably a better choice for white water, but on flat water, it has a mind of its own!

What company?
Prijon and Folbot both make a Yukon Expedition.

Because he mentions "crossover"
model, we can be sure he means Prijon. We had a guy try to “crossover” to whitewater in a Folboat, and he wrapped it around a rock on the Conasauga near the GA-TN border.

Yes Prijon model
Well, I finally found a demo…just had to drive 4 hours to get to it. The truth is…it was a tad small for the seating. Anyone know of another crossover kayak with the same features as the Yuk but just a little bigger cockpit and more seat room? Thanks

I’ve also noticed tight seats and thigh
braces in certain Prijon boats, not all. If the seat width is tight, you can perhaps cut windows in the tight areas (usually over the hip joints) and fill the openings with minicell. Obtrusive thigh braces can be cut back laterally, or in some cases you can remove the Prijon pad and replace it with minicell.

Another approach is to replace the stock seat with a custom foam seat from

Usually once you get the seat and thigh braces fixed, the lack of a center pillar will allow easy entry and exit even though the cockpit opening may seem “small.”

Is there any reason
you asked about the Yukon? If fit is a problem, see if you can locate an Eddyline Night Hawk 17.5

It is a large boat that will fit almost anyone. Another large on is Necky Pinta but they discontinued it last year.

I happen to glance at e-bay someone is offering a

Klepper Aerius2 expedition model very good used comdition for 1500 dollars, this might be just what you are looking for, first class boat and a good price, plenty of room for a large person, couldnt resist writing you, regards Gary