Question on a Wenonah Wilderness

If any one has a Wenonah Wilderness with the factory seat in it, I would like to know what the straight line measurement is from the point of the bow to the front edge of the seat?

Jack L

On my Flex-Core Tuf-Weave…,
the distance from the external bow tip to the front edge of the seat is 97".

Thank you very much
I’ll measure mine this morning and see if it is the same.

I just bought it used, and I have a feeling the previous owner moved the seat.

I tried it for the first time yesterday, and it felt bow light.

I am thinking of moving the seat forward

jack L

Probably he needed room for his 84"
punt gun to lie between his legs and the bow.

Wenonah has moved the seat…
a bit on the Wilderness over the years, too. Earlier models were more centrally located than many preferred, especially by those whom kneel. Moving the seat back was a rather popular modification during that time.

I’m 170 lbs and paddle both kneeling and sitting, about 60/40 respectively. A 25 lb kit in the stern gives me a nice trim for day paddles.

I hope you enjoy the boat - its a very good all arounder. I have one in Royalex also for river play during the shallow water seasons.

If you find you want a touch more height for your seat its very easy to flip the seat brackets allowing for another inch. I like this change and keep mine set to its highest angled position which allows me a nice seated or kneeling position.

It is the same measurement …
as yours. he evidently moved it forward, and then put it back, since there is a hole forward of it’s present position.

Do you use a bent shaft or a straight shaft with yours.

I was using my bent shaft ZRE, and could only get about two strokes on each side before it wanted to turn. This was in an open water lake, and I am hoping that on a river with current I can get four.

In my daughters Sandpiper, I can usually get four on each

I do like the canoe though and was quite surprised at how nice it took the power boat wakes. Much more fun then my J-190 racing solo that I just sold

jack L