question on adding a compass

Just bought a Brunton deck mount compass.(what does 70p mean?) Hope this is an okay brand. Do i need to add any silicone or anything where i will be using the screws? Just wondering about any leakage issues. My kayak already has the recessed area so no need to cut anything. Thanks.

I felt the same way

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My first compass installation. Nervous? YOU BET.
"You mean I have to drill holes in my beloved kayak"?
This is how I did it.
I did measure. I used string and placed it as centered and perfect as humanly possible from stern to bow. I marked with pencil the center of the boat. I taped the string to the center of the kayak. I had nothing short of a NASA measurement procedure to ensure I had the compass as perfectly centered as possible. I then placed the compass in the kayak. Marked the area and aligned the screw holes. Marked it. Removed the compass. Drilled. Applied a light silicone glue to the holes just as you suggested and placed the compass. Screwed the compass into place. DONE. It took me 30 minutes. 25 of those minutes was making sure I had the center of the kayak right. I found that the screws that came with the compass were soft as most stainless steel screws are. I stripped the head of one of them trying to give it a light torque turn into place. I went to the boat store and purchased extra screws.

Okay…it wasn’t really the drilling
that had me to worried, it just never mentioned a sealer. I didn’t want to throw it off balance or anything. But because i have a predetermined area already to drop it in, what else do i need to do? it says align these gold bars (forgot what they are called…it’s at home.I am at work) along the longitude of the boat. how do i make sure it is accurate? Hope this makes sense.

I tend to…
overcomplicate things. I do that often. Simply put, by using a string from stern to bow, centered as best as I can, I ensure I get the compass align as best as possible. I align the compass lines with the string and other already established center points.

Mounting: I simply placed a small amount of silicone glue in the drilled holes. My first time, I believe I even spread a thin layer of silicone at the bottom of the compass mount just before I dropped the compass. I did not do that with my last boat, but I always use a drop of silicone in the drilled holes. Never had any trouble after that.

Compass How-To Article
It’s really pretty straightforward; here’s my how-to article about it:

Since you’re using the pre-molded recess in the deck to mount the compass, you shouldn’t need any sealant other than possibly a small dab around each screw. As outlined in the article, I prefer using bolts with rubber washers, which requires no sealant at all, and eliminates sharp screw points protruding into the forward hatch, where they can puncture drybags. And hands.

Good luck!


WOW !!!
That was exactly what i wanted and needed thank you soooo much Delphinus. Maybe we can get it on the boat tonight.

Just say no
to silicone. it has no place on a kayak. Lexel is a superior adhesive & sealant. Delphinius’ article is a good one, but I still opt to use the factory screws, snip the sharp ends once screwed in, then cover the nubs and area with a dab of Lexel.

Glad to help!

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Bolts or sealant--do whatever makes the most sense to you. I've never used the Lexel mentioned above, but if it's less squishy and prone to deterioration than silicone, it's probably better.

Good luck on your installation, and let us know how it went!


where do i get Lexel?

Maybe tonight…but
Bad thunderstorms are predicted…we will see.

Ace and True Value Hardware stores carry Lexel. I’m sure there must be others.

would just reiterate what was mentioned above- make sure you do something about the sharp pointy ends of the screws; I think they’ll shred the first drybag that goes in the hatch. I actually can’t believe Brunton ships those screws. When I installed my 70p,I went to the hardware store around the corner and bought 4 stainless machine screws with stainless/plastic nuts and washers. I dabbed a drop or two of silicon in the screw holes before installing (not around the base of the compass). I thought that eyeballing it was enough to position it.

I just glued a bit of foam on the screws
from the inside, after mounting the compass. I was glad I did that because I just recently transferred the compass to a replacement boat (warranty) and didn’t need to purchase new fasteners.

I thing the foam bit plus the glue/sealant keeps out any water, too.

Great tip about glueing the foam
up under deck to cover the screws. and help seal.

Its very easy
I have found it best to drill holes somewhat smaller than the screw threads beforehand as it makes things easier. I have done it both ways and and now I throw away the pattern or hole guide and use the faceplate to locate the holes. I find it trivial to clip the ends of the screws so they are near flush the with under deck surface and have not gone the bolt and nut route. A little dab of Marine Goop on the screws under deck and no problems. Never use sealant in a manner that can prevent the compass globe from being free. As the instructions make clear it needs to be for a few reasons including so it can be readjusted if necessary. Making sure the compass is aligned so the rumb line is true is important, but no need to go crazy about it either. It is relatively easy to run a line from bow to stern and match up the compass.

pointy screw ends
I’ve used with success plastic acorn nuts, first adding shoe/plumbers’/household goo§ to the receptacle.

70P compass deal
now just $81 shipped on Amazon. best price I’ve seen on it anywhere

Amazon is the place
It’s where i got the compass.Got up @ 5am and had it by 5:30. Just the birds, bugs and humidity. UGH!!! But it’s and aligned and now i need to practice with it. Boy those bugs are ferocious. Never seen anything like this year.

Have not added the Marine goop up underneath yet. It was in the bottom of a gear bag packed in the car.Headed to East Boothbay as soon as i lock the shop door This evening.Yahoo.