question on Current Designs Squamish

I read the reviews on the squamish and I’m interested in hearing other opinions on this kayak. I’m considering the squamish in kevlar. I tried it out last weekend in calm waters.

I’m a female 5’4 130 lbs and have been paddling for 5 years. Currently have Eddyline Equinox.

I’m a novice heading to intermediate paddler.

Paddle mostly bays and sounds.

best advice is to demo it, but
I tried a poly squamish last summer, I was looking for a smaller boat to my Explorer. I liked it generally but it didn’t feel particularly snug, and I’m 5’9" and 175". One of the things that made it feel roomy to me was the peaked deck. According to some of the reviews, it looks like the composite squamish is roomier.

Having said that, one could pad it out to fit more snugly, but I’m not sure it would have that glove-fit feel you might find in other boats.

So demo and consider price. If the jury is still out there are plenty of folks here who could recommend alternative models.

I’m your size
OK - five pounds heavier but I admit it.

I haven’t been in the Squamish, tho’ I’ve seen larger people than me fit it probably a little too well.

What have you looked at and what’s your budget? There are some good candidates out there for our size without your having to latch onto a boat early.

In the past month
I have paddled the Squamish in kevlar and in poly. I teach rolling sessions and ‘intro to kayaking’ courses at a pool and use the squamish and sirocco boats from current designs (amongst other manufacturers also). I am used to paddling boats like the P&H Sirius and Capella. So, wasn’t quite sure what to make of the squamish and wasn’t all that enthused about it. I am 5’6" 135 pounds. I use the Poly Squamish for teaching in the pool and find the boat to be fun. Its a maneuverable and lively boat. The poly boats serves well for touring in sounds and sheltered bays. I now live in the Okanagan Valley of BC, the interior and mostly paddle large lake and smaller mountain lakes. With frequent trips to the ocean.

The kevlar boat is ( I dont know if I can even say this here - I prefer the fiberglass, for a material). But the kevlar boat I really enjoyed. Very easy to roll, and dramatic recoveryt strokes. Certainly not the fastest touring kayak around, as is displayed in its length. I even took one to the coast and was delighted with its performance. While my preference for a boat in that range, from Current Designs would be the Willow. I REALLY liked paddling the Willow.

But, let it be known hahahahaha. I have become a big fan and supporter of CD Squamish. While not the boat for me, I think it is a great boat that an intermediate paddler could learn from and learn with.

Good luck to you.