Question on glass vs plastic

I have been looking at the WS Cape Horn 17. The both look the same and the specs except the weight are the same. Other than the glass being 2 lbs lighter what are the other advantages? To me it seems like a lot of money for just a two lbs advantage.


I’m surprised
that the weight difference is that small. I have the plastic Cape Horn and it weighs a ton. I would never pay the premium on glass for just two pounds. I recenctly slurged on a Kevlar Swift Bering Sea, at 45lbs. Now THAT was worth the money, when the Horn is around 60.


Pros & cons
You haven’t heard all the pros and cons on plastic vs. fiberglass??? Try a search.

cape horns
Have you physically looked at/paddled them?

I owned the plastic version and to make a long story short,there’s much better offerings on the market.

Cockpit measurments that WS listed online were all off, wouldn’t surprize me if weight was too. As to differences other than weight, i’d speculate that the composite version(unlike the plastic version) has deck hardware & fittings and bulkheads that don’t leak and thigh braces you can actually brace on. I give WS and Steve aka flatpick credit because the Tsunami and Tempest series seem to have much better thought out details.

plastic vs glass
Plastic is tuff but heavy. glass is lighter but not as tuff. plastic will warp, glass won’t. Most people that have gone from plastic to glass won’t go back. There are boats on the market now being made out of high-tech materials other than glass and plastic. Prices vary,but usually plastic is cheaper than glass. I think the new materials on the market are the future of kayak building. Stay away from WS boats. Vaughn Fulton