question on HTP blow molded plastic


I have a Prijon Barracuda made from HTP blow molded plastic. I just recently took it on a 2 1/2 hour drive ontop of my car supported by foam blocks and tied down with straps on two crossbars. When I took the boat off I noticed that there were relatively large indentations at the points where it was laying onto the foam blocks. Eventually, (after about 30 minutes or more) the indents dissapeared and the plastic reformed leaving a smooth hull again.

Should I be worried about this? Would it be possible to make a permanent stress line or bend in the plastic? What can I do to prevent this from happening in the future? any suggestions?

Also, if you have any info on what HTP plastic is and how it is different from rotomold / polyethylene.


Straps too tight
If you are denting your boat then you are tightening the straps WAY TOO TIGHT.

I have a Prijon HTP whitewater boat that is pushing 20 years old. Lots of scratches from smashing into rocks, but it’s never been dented.

foam blocks
I had that problem using foam blocks, then I started turning the boat over (deck down) when hauling around and never had a problem.