Question on River Boards/ sledge boards

I am thinking of getting a river board and want to get some input. ANybody out there have any insight, experience?

I am looking at Ripboard Riverboards in particluar.



What’s a riverboard?


Personally, I can’t see the attraction - but I’m an old fart.

River "Sponges…"
Hmmm… Like to see how ww folks will react to these in the eddy/playhole lineup as they get more popular… :slight_smile:

There are two regular body boarders I run into at the homebreak and up at Jenness… Both can rip and both look great on their sponges. :slight_smile:

Whatever stokes, it’s all good. :slight_smile:


PS. Hope you’ve been getting some waves down your way. We’ve been mostly flat around MassBay. :frowning:

Just looking for another river toy…
I too am an old fart…but I refuse to grow up. I am just looking for another arsenal for my stash of toys… I have a ww boat, a surf boat, a ww raft. There are a few local whitewater rivers that have great access and it looks like it would be fun.

SIng, not much surfing going on down here either. Lets hope it picks up for the RISK session.


Hoping For A Quickie On Thursday Dawn…
Fast moving storm forecasted for Wednesday. May give a small opportunity for Thursday AM…

Fingers crossed…


Flat is ugly. It’s been an extended ugliness…