Question on "Scotty anchor device.

A neighbor who fishes out of his kayak asked me if I knew anything about them.
I don’t fish and have never used an anchor, but I told him I would check here and see if any one had any comments (good or bad) about them

Jack L

Not someone who has used, but the primary benefit of what Scotty sells is to let you move the anchor point on your boat from the side (where you can access it) to the front (where you want to be anchored). It is called an Anchor Trolly. They may or may not sell the anchor themselves.

If you anchor with the anchor tied off at the side of your boat, the boat will act funny (and could even flip) if there is any currents or winds. So you need a way to tie off the anchor at the bow.

I use a 5# anchor attached to 70’ of floating rope with a coloured float. I have the rope with the float slipknoted to a carabineer that I attach to windward side of my kayak. I can pull the slipknot in dangerous situations or cut the line if necessary. However, the most line that I have let out was about 20’ - 30’ worth. Most of the time I use a broken push broom handle and ‘stake out’ for flats fishing. The push broom handle is light weight aluminum with a foam wrap that let’s it float.

If I know that I will not be in much current or will be out for mostly low tide, I don’t even bring the anchor. More weight means more that I have to propel through the water.