question on the Indy or MR Independance

Anyone know exactly how much rocker is in this canoe?

MR Indy canoe
I love my Mad River Independence. Has only a slight rocker. No white water here in Florida but on a recent paddle on the Suwannee with high water what is called BIG SHOALS is the closest we have to rapids. This boat did well even with a weeks worth of equipment I had with me. This canoe does well with a double paddle. From the Okefenokee Swamp to the gulf of Mexico I double paddled the 242 miles in eight days. A Crazy Creek soft seat gave my back support and the forward thwart was just close enough for my feet to push on.

Sounds great!!! Im interested in this
canoe. If you lay the canoe down on fairly level ground and measure the distance of the ground to the bottom of the canoe at 12 back from the front stem you can give me an idea of how much rocker there is,perhaps only an inch is the gap.I would like to lean it for turning and dont know how maneauverable it could be unless I know the rocker. My 14 ft fox had 1.5" of rocker and that was absolutely perfect,

I’m guessing a bit here but
… I think the Indy’s rocker comes it at approximately 3/4ths of an inch a foot back. It’s not a lot. I don’t find it hard to turn.

3/4" sounds about right I think
I once had their old catalog and thought that was the amount listed. OK , I kneel so with a lean and good strokes it should be maneuverable enough. But now theres a new INDY being made in Vermont with slightly deeper midsection of 12 3/4" . I wonder how long it will be to get one and how much?

BMO in Pennsylania has one on sale
It has aluminum rails. $1,725

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Paramus, Joisey. Got 3 wit wood trim - $1995


hey elmo, im sorry i didnt get to try
out your indy ! oh so vermont canoe is making these newer versions already? i thought you had mentioned this and testing one out might be possible–right?