Question on the Raquette Falls carry in the Adirondack 90 miler

Does any one know the distance from the take out to where the rangers stay at the top ?

I’m sure if Bill Miller checks in here, he will know

Jack L

Yes, the entire portage is 1.15 miles. The ranger’s station is not far from the end, at approximately 1 mile from the take-out.
If you mean where do the rangers set up to write down boat numbers, generally at the height of land, I usually see one or two at about the half mile point from put-in, just before beginning the descent down hill. Usually it is FR Kevin Burns who likes to be there and say hello.

Jack, I am so out of breath when I get there I never notice how far we have climbed to get there. But I figure its about 1/3 of the way across. It definitely marks the end of the hardest stretch. It is not the real peak of the carry, there are two more uphill pitches past there. Some day I will have a crew member take waypoints with the GPS as we struggle across. The biggest question Jack is whether we have it in us to get up to that Ranger one more time. Bill

I’m proud of you guys.

Yeah, Bill, there’s that one last hill that makes you think “What the heck is this doing here, I thought it was supposed to be all downhill from here”, followed by another rough rock rutted descent before “relaxing” on the flat to the put-in.

I thought sure you would know the exact mileage. Nanci figured it according to her GPS at about four tenths of a mile looking at our tracks.
Every year, (for confidence) I carry the canoe a mile up the mountain across from our house, but this year I wanted to baby myself and only go as far as the distance where those two rangers are.