Question re: 1982 OT Tripper

Hello. I am new to the forum and was hoping to get some advice. I’m going to check out a 1982 Old Town Tripper, but have concerns about its construction. Once resource I found stated that OT didn’t start using the 3 layer crosslinked polyethlene construction until around 1985. Is this accurate? If so, what construction type did they use? Would this then be a single layer poly akin to a coleman?

I appreciate any insight that can be provided on this. Many thanks in advance!

pretty sure it’s royalex
Which is way better than the polylink/superlink hulls they came out with.Roughly 10 pounds lighter and less prone to hog backing.

I did specifically ask if royalex
and the guy said he was sure it was poly, hence my question. Looking at their current lineup, I see they don’t even do poly for the Tripper, but not sure.

He thought it was the 3 layer poly, but what gave me pause is that I read they didn’t start producing those until 1985.

If it’s royalex, then great, I’ll be all the happier

If it’s a Tripper it is Royalex
Do you have a picture of it you can send/post? Trippers are all made of Royalex - always have been. They refer to it as Oltonar. But its royalex.

What color is the interior?

Don’t have a picture
Am going to go check it out at 1 this afternoon. You kind of just made my day with the “all of them are royalex” thing. Seriously. Hope it’s in good shape. Are there any degradation concerns due to the age I should be aware of?

So that’s what to call it
hog back not sway back as I called the condition of the canoe Darryl and I rented to do a little paddle on the South Fork of the New River from Jefferson, NC. Beautiful, clear stream, limestone bottom, although a bit low when we were there (so I could attend a quilting retreat at Camp Cheerio in Roaring Gap just off the Blue Ridge Parkway). Lots of memories too. Our last paddle together. The next day we had to make a temporary stop in Gallipolis, OH where I had an emergency appendectomy.

Dsmabs, hope the canoe turns out to be in good shape and a good deal.

Light pale blue-green interior?
I have had two Old Town Trippers circa early 80’s and they both were OF COURSE royalex as has been stated here. They both had an unusual inner vinyl color which was very smooth and light blue-green in color

bought it
Hey. Just picked it up and still wasn’t sure when bought it what the material was.

It has what I would call a seafoam green interior, so sounds like it is likely what you were describing.

Hull ID number is xtc36302m81f if that helps at all

The color is called seafoam.
Its a tripper. I have two from that era. One beat to sh**. One pretty good still. Great canoe.

Tripper = Royalex

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Dun't reckon OT ever made a poly Tripper. Ah' gots one fro' 1978 wit sea-green interior, light tan gunnels an' it be still goin' strong.