Question/s About The P & H Scorpio lv

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Hi Everyone,

Im in the market for a new boat and Im considering the Scorpio lv as one of my choices. However, I dont know if/how well I will fit in it due to my weight, height and show size which is 150 lbs, 6' 1" tall and 10.5 shoes size.

I know my weight and height should be no "problem, but its the shoe size Im concerned about. (I should note that unfortunately there is nowhere near me to test paddle one so if I buy one and it doesnt fit, there is no returning it).

I should also note that I like a "tight" fitting boat boat not so tight that I have no moveability to "stretch a little either.

If it helps to compare them, past touring boats boats I have owned were a Prijon Barracuda and a Plastic Necky Chatham 16.

Plus I recently test paddled a 2003-04 Fiberglass P & H Cappella 169 (in a pool but I got the general feel of it)and really liked how she handled/felt esp in the roominess of the foredeck area for my knees/feet.

Any thoughts, comparisons to the above mentioned boats etc are greatly appreciated.

Capella 169 is huge and comfortable
Especially when compared to the Scopio LV. I’ve only paddled each boat briefly. But I’d consider owning a 169 and would never consider a Scorpio LV. The regular Scorpio does not have as much room as the 169 either. All three boats ate a pleasure to paddle with the 169 being the one with the least initial stability.

I’m Pretty certain I’d would not buy a new boat if I couldn’t test paddle it. Used boat you could easily sell for a few hundred less. On a new boat typically depreciation can be more than 1000.

It will be tight

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A friend of mine loves her Scorpio LV and let me take it for a test run. I'm way over the weight range for the boat with a lot weight in the shoulders and arms to make for a high center of gravity. I found it fast as long as I was going straight. The boat was very tippy when trying to edge but at 6foot 205lb it's not the boat's fault. I had to adjust the pedals all the way forward and forget about my 10.5 sandals or boots. Definitely try to sit in one before you buy because the hull gets narrow down where your feet will be. Your weight should be fine but I think you will find it's going to be a neoprene socks only ride for you.

Thanks For The Input I…
Thanks for the input, esp about the foot “room” or lack there of in the lv. Because of that, I decided not to go with that and am going with the Fiberglass Capella 169 I test paddled instead.