Question: Yakima foot braces with rudder

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I'm about to re-cable my rudder setup. The existing cables attach through a threaded hole in the Yakima rail. That is, a loop of bare cable goes through the hole. This does not seem right. Maybe there's supposed to be a fitting in the threaded hole, to which the cable is to attach? If so, I may try to procure or make these fittings. Thank you.

Another possibility would be to slip
some heat shrink tubing over the cable, and once you have everything together in the boat, use a heat gun to shrink the tubing tight over the cable.

You might find a Nylon or similar sleeve to put in the hole in the footbraces if you scrounge around a good hardware store. Radio Shack is another possibility (also for the shrink wrap), though they have cut down on parts in recent years.

That’s the way mine is
My Yakima foot braces attach just as you describe – cable looped through the hole in the slider. I don’t believe there is a fitting for the hole. As g2d suggests, use some heat shrink tubing over the cable ends – I’ve found the tubing at Home Depot in their electrical department (you can find it in most electical supply or hardware stores) – the shrink tubing works great for keeping everything nice and tidy.


Thats the way it goes butttt
Go to the marine store and ask for “Thimbles” for the wire … you will see how you can do it right.


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That works on the rudder end, but I’m sure the thimbles are too big (and/or cumbersome) to get through the hole on the end of the sliding bar.

fwiw: I’ve never had an issue with the cable running through the hole.


good replies, much appreciated
Interesting that my original setup would be common fare. It just seems that if you do any hard paddling with foot action (rudder not deployed) that the cable would get worn through quickly, though the suggested plastic sheathing of some sort would help.

Regarding thimbles, I do have the two that came off of the rear fastenings to the rudder, and these particular 2 do not fit inside the Yakima track. I do see that if they would fit, it would be a nice install with SS pan heads (and some thread locker). Thimbles from another source well might fit, and I will attempt to pursue this option.

the simple loop
has not been a source of weakness on any of mine. I like the loop vs any type of more solidly held in place attachment. It doesn’t kink that way. There seem to be occasions when the cable gets jerked in an unintended direction. Without that freedom of movement at the attached point, I think the cleaner setup will prove inferior.