Questions about a Sea Nymph 15' aluminum

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Hi everyone. First time poster.

I am entertaining the possibility of buying a Sea Nymph aluminum canoe from a neighbor. It's older, I think from the 70s. Appears in good shape. He wants $300 for it and will include some aluminum paddles and a couple of old life vests. I would use this primarily for recreational canoeing with my wife and our two-year-old daughter, mostly on flatwater lakes in California. Mebbe do a periodic overnighter at a boat in site somewhere(we're backpackers).

Would this be a good starter canoe for me and does the price sound right?

Thanks for your time.

Price is right, cheap actually. Paddles and PFD’s are probably junk, specially the PFD’s. Try it first, if they won’t let you try it there’s a reason, you probably don’t want it.

Bill H.

For that age, and that price, I wouldn’t

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there are a lot newer used ones in that range.
Also. It is a tad small for your wife, daughter and yourself.
I would look around for a used plastic one in the 16 or 17 foot range.
As the poster above said those aluminum paddles are the lowest of low, and you would have to get new PFD's

That is no buy, that is for sure!
I saw several 17 footers on Craig's List for $250 (asking price)

Jack L