Questions for couples

I am an author writing a book on camping for couples. I’m collecting information, stories and recipes from couples who camp together.

If you paddle with your partner, I would appreciate you filling out a questionnaire for me about your camping habits and preferences. Please e-mail me directly at and I will send you a questionnaire.

Thanks for your help! Happy paddling.

could you post the survey here and
we send it back to you?

Advice, Suggestions and General Help
This is a forum for Advice, Suggestions and General Help, not a gold mine for you to harvest. I respectfully imo only, do not feel for me at least it is appropriate for you to use the forum for your own profit. Please take this in the best possible way.

I’d call it General Help, and OK

Sharing with others
was in Evans profile. So let’s share.

My opinion
It’s tacky because profit is involved and p-net probably isn’t getting a cut, but it’s certainly not the tackiest thing I’ve seen on the Internet. Some people like being interviewed, even if it puts the gold in somebody else’s pocket.

Take a few deep breaths
She is asking for help and advice on paddling.

If Brent thinks it out of line he can let her know. I doubt she is going to become wealthy enough to become a venture capitalist publishing a book on paddling and camping fron NZ.

I’ve only been on one paddling/camping trip with my wife, the First and the Last as you might say.

what’s wrong with you people …
someone comes asking for some info on those of us who might paddle with a partner and y’all can only think of egads … she might make some money? god, how terrible. i’ll not contribute to that?

sometimes you guys overwhelm me with your negativism.

Holy controversy Batman!
Hey folks, I didn’t mean to insult anyone or pick a fight. Yes, it’s possible I could make a few dollars some day if the book sells well. I’m not holding my breath though. If all I wanted was to plunder info I could copy it from the other postings anyway. I was asking for input from real couples in the hopes of releasing a book that is realistic and helpful rather than another compilation of “expert” advice.

If I have used the forum inappropriately or caused any offence I apologize. And to answer the first post, given the response I don’t think it would be appropriate for me to post the whole questionnaire here.

Should be in a separate section
Perhaps a new section, “Commercial Info and Requests” or something like that.

I agree with Evan that this type of request does not belong with the rest of the site sections. The reason is that people assume that both questions and advice are posted here for personal use, not for financial profit by a third party who might not even participate in the activity. Some responses are obviously posted after much checking of the responder’s files of information–checking that constitutes research. To steal that information (“plunder it by copying from the other posts”) and use it without proper credit due constitutes plagiarism. To post a general request such as above I consider ethically acceptable, but more appropriate for a commercial section.

Too many of these requests just casts a pall over the spirit of giving freely. That’s not just, but anywhere.