Questions for Sea Wind owners

-Getting the boat up on your shoulders-it seems a lot harder to hoist up than a traditional canoe as there is no center thwart.

-Did you add more padding to the yoke-it puts too much pressure on my neck and not enough on my shoulders. So, I will be making some changes and wondered if most people have to change this as well.

-Favorite cradles for your small car-I drive a Saturn sedan with less than three foot span between racks. Loading/unloading could be easier I think if I had a station wagon…

Thanks, David

Look at the directions for lifting canoe

– Last Updated: May-15-06 2:30 PM EST –

on should get you their. Skip first two steps of lift. Instead just grab gunwales on each side at the balance point. Do a quick lift, twist and step under. Elbow into ribs is big part of movement.

Got it ok? Work better for you now?

Did you get a new one or were you lucky enough to find a used one David?



I use a similar
process to lift my heavy Loon 138. It has no thwart, I just grab it by the cockpit rim. It works real well for putting it on top of my pickup topper - a 6’6" lift.

Just noticed missed the two other items
Check your e-mail for answers and other info.