Questions for Steve of WS-

Hello, I have questions regarding what you studied in College to become a kayak designer? I know that is too narrow minded, so I am planning to go into industrial design and eventually engineering and I am open to go into any type of product design.

BTW-Sorry I was gone for so long, I got my first car, a 92 camry sedan and I forgot about kayaks for a while. And, I am a HS senior now, and the reason perhaps I came of strange before was just a lower maturity level of a JHS student. Hopefully you guys will notice a difference.

Hey P_140…
Wat happened ta oceanoografee?


Got any perfume to go with the gasoline?
Girls are a lot more interesting than kayaks.

No reason to apologize. No one here is the same person as they were in jr. high.

Good luck with your studies.

At my age, girls are not
more interesting than kayaks.

String, you ought to know better than
anyone that he’ll do better with the Pamlico than with the Camry!

Chicks dig fast kayaks…
They do don’t they?

g2d, are you dead?
Sometimes I forget why I like young wimmin,but I still like looking at them.

That’s his idea of advice.

no college here
school of hard knocks is my EDU. I have been a paddler since dirt was invented. You are on the right track. Design work using CAD is what will get you in the door, that and alot of boating experience. Ditch the car and the gals… :wink:

BTW- don’t plan on getting rich.


You forgot tattoos. And, the skills. And, the smiley personality …


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speak for yourself--at 57 I'm exactly the same person I was when I was 14--lol And BTW, over the years I've found the kayak on top of my car is a better chick magnet than the car itself

Pam is back!
We all missed you Pam :slight_smile:

Glad to see you back.

The other guys are just old fools and very jealous of your ride.

Now listen to me, here is some solid advice:

add some chrome to your Pamlico and cruise the 'hood with your sweet ride with kayak on top and the chicks will just swoon.

And for being a designer for kayaks; that’s so overrated. Much cooler designing rockets or superbikes or Gameboy consoles or stuff.

Keep up the good work and keep on posting.

oh yeah…
that 2. LOTS of tattoos.


What we like…
Guys you never know what us women are going to like. I’ve always liked cars…all kinds. Now that I’ve got started kayaking, I notice any kayak on top of the car and of course I’m always checking out the guys. I also go for guys that have more to talk about than NASCAR & beer. You know, the kind of guy that has some brains also. Guys don’t get offended by that remark. I also like the good, ole’ home grown rednecks…they have charm, sometimes they just keep it hid.

Heres something you might find fun.

Naval architecture
I have yet to hear of a kayak designer who actually studied naval architecture. Maybe you could be the first. There aren’t many NA degree programs out there. It’s a small field, but full of nice people - I’m happy to be affiliated with it after years of knocking around as a mechanical engineer. Here’s a list of schools that offer relevant degrees:

I teach at Maritime College - it’s fairly tough and offers a good NA degree and 100% employment for engineering graduates. Webb (awesome place) and MIT are only for those with stellar grades. UMich is the big dog. If your grades are so-so, the Landing School sounds interesting, I’d never heard of it before. There is also Stevens Institute in NJ, which should be on the list, it’s a good school .

As Flatpick says, don’t plan on getting rich as a kayak designer, the money is in the big boats…

I am currently on my SECOND CAMRY. My first one was obviously a 1998 Camry, thus my screen name of JCAMRY98. And my second one which is my current ride is a 1999 CAMRY. No, I did not change my screen name to match the “new” car’s model year.