Questions on Dagger Reflection 15

I’m looking for a canoe that will be used solo as much as tandem, mostly on small - mediun sized lakes. Come moose season it will be called on as a solo hunting canoe in a wilderness area are with multiple portages.

A gentelman replied to a clasified add I placed looking for such a canoe, & asked if I’d be interested in a Dagger Reflection 15. I know nothing about these boats. Is it a boat that sounds like it would meet my needs? High capacity, & light? Also what would be approx. value for this boat in good-very good condition?


two questions
did yo look at the product review tab on the the left?

when you are several portages deep and you get your moose, what do you do? do you need extra capacity in the canoe?


Two answers BLK :slight_smile:

#1, yes I did, but they seemed to vary pretty greatly as far as capacity & stability depending on the reviewer, so I thought I’d seek additional help.

As far as the second question, it would be nice to have something that can take me & my personal gear (280#ish), & then haul a boned moose in calm water conditions in addition. Total, 800-900#? The area I intend to hunt will have about 8 short (longest 1/2 mile, most 1/4) portages, but coming out I can make one portage & get to a small gentle river & float 18 miles to a pickup point.

Dagger Reflection 15 listed a capacity of 800 lbs., so you would be pushing the edge of the manufacturer’s design specs.


Based on what you want it for I would pass on the Reflection15. I’ve had mine since 1995 and really like it but I think doing what you need it to, properly that is, would be more than it’s capable of…


And that is the 6 inch freeboard load
capacity, a very unrealistic value. I have much larger tandems than the Ref 15 and would never carry 800 pounds in them.

On the other hand, if you get the moose in the canoe, stability will be wonderful.

Thanks guys
sounds like it’s probably not the boat for me.