Questions re CD Rumor

Rumour reviews
Last week I submitted a review for the CD AND Watermark Rumour. I own one of each. The review should show up one of these days. Hulls ARE different. Subtle differences which result in significant differences in feel and stability. CD boat has higher decks, slightly larger cockpit opening, more initial stability, but similar overall character. Fast, not turny, but will respond well surfing. Watermark boat is my favorite boat af all, (Nigel’s as well). These might just be a little too hot for the American market. Both boats need outfitting: hip pads and perhaps seat modification, move it forward, like many production boats, so that you can get on the back deck.

What are the hull differences?

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The Watermark boats seem to have a bit of reverse rocker, which is something I've only seen on Nigel Foster designs. The chines sweep up rapidly in the rear, so they don't provide much volume or stability. Is the CD version different in either of these respects? I've seen one, but without the Watermark boat nearby for comparison, any differences weren't obvious.

Rumour differences
I don’t believe either boat was intended to have a ‘hogged’ rockerline, just straight. The CD boat has a fair curve to the chine, and carries the flattish section a bit farther aft. I think this is responsible for the increased stability. Another thing I’ve noticed is that the entry on the original has a U section along the bottom, whereas the revised design is a little more sharply veed. This might suggest that CD felt the original had a tendency to slam a bit going into chop, but I have never thought that happened. The U section would be better as far as volume to surface area ratio goes. The CD boat is about a half inch wider than the original. When I got the second boat, I put them next to each other, upside down and have since, to ponder these differences. They are quite subtle, but result in noticeable differences in feel.

The chine change…
…should be a big improvement and I’m sure you’re right about it increasing stability. I’ve never actually put a straightedge or string line on the keel of my girlfriends Rumour and I suspect you’re correct that the keel line is straight. She swears it’s got reverse rocker, but that’s probably only because it often ends up sitting on its ends, with the middle off the ground, when doing beach launches.