Questions re CD Rumor

I get to test-paddle a CD Rumor this weekend and have looked for reviews from others - either I’m not looking in the right place, or there are no reviews. Has anyone paddled one? I’m sort of hampered in that I don’t have an ocean cockpit skirt, so rolling will be different (sans skirt), as will leans/ braces, etc. I’m well within the size requirements for this boat. Any feedback would be appreciated . . . Robin

Paddled one briefly

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First, this boat loves to go over on a deep edge and quickly, so I can't imagine it being a good idea to paddle it without a skirt. I am hoping your post means that you couldn't demo it fully due to lack of a skirt, not that you'd try taking it skirtless should you buy it.

I don't recall that it had an ocean cockpit though - just a quite small one. Though ocean cockpits aren't exactly standard in size, so I suppose some skirts for ocean cockpits would work.

I didn't have it in dimensional stuff but talked to someone who takes it out into the Beaver Tail area of Narragansett all the time. My find was that you thought an edge and the boat was practically up sideways in the water, the person who I spoke with said it behaved that way in waves for her as well. She found she could get used to it - that's an individual call.

This boat lacks any semblence of thigh braces, so if you want that you'll have to build them in. Again, you choice. (unless someone already did that in the boat you demo'd)

It's altogether a very fast reacting boat, with at most minor interest in what we tend to call primary stability. You may have to try it in some waves to tell if you are a good fit. I would have been sorely tempted if I didn't already have a day boat that fills much of the same niche as the Rumour. The boat is a bit challenging, and there aren't a lot out there to start with, so you aren't likely to find tons of reviews around.

I looked at one last year
But I’m over its intended size range. While I’m only about 20-25lb overweight at about 185lb but I am seriously too tall for it at 6’4" with 36" inseam and size 15 feet.

Still, I fit in it, sort of -:wink:

For a smaller person that should be a nice boat but I have no idea how it really paddles…

I will demo without a skirt, and will buy one if I buy the boat. Flat midwestern waters - maybe I can find a good boat wake to play on :frowning: Tender initial stability - that’s how I interpreted what you said - correct? Fast? CD has it listed as quite a fast boat, if I remember correctly. Thanks for quick responses.

Fast yes (relatively)
I don’t have any quantities in hand, but overall the Foster designs are fast hulls. Someone here - I think bnystrom - has posted photos of the modification made to build thigh braces out of foam extending into the open cockpit area. When I demo’d the boat, it was clear that I would have to do the same to make it physically comfortable to roll and brace. All I had was my bony knees against the hard underside of the coaming and that just would not have been a plan.

Anyone I know who has used one likes that it is fast enough it helps them keep up with the guys. The stability is something that you should be able to get used to - theoretically - though I’d suggest a solid roll and this boat are good companions.

Thanks for the link - I’ll look at it tonight. Celia - thanks for the clarifications.

CD Rumour
I paddled one for a good bit of a day (a demo) in waves less than 2 feet. Two years ago, but made some notes.

Being 5’3" the cockpit size was fine (as said, it’s not an ocean cockpit, what I’d call a modified o.c. - being more oval than the usual o.c.). BUT at my height I was missing the thigh braces.

At 120 lbs (w. gear) I’m in the weight range.

The boat is narrow (19" beam) w. an unusual hull shape.

It dances. The bow dances in particular and does not come down predictably like, say, an Avocet. Some people will love this, others will find it unnerving.

Did not find it esp. fast. OK speed for a 16 foot boat, tho. It turns very well, and getting down to a 3rd degree edge is quite easy. Sculling brace very easy.

Very little space betw. the backband and the aft cockpit coaming/bulkhead. I like a bit more space to stash a hydration pack, a 3L ditch kit etc.

I could not roll then but it has a nice low aft deck and an overall low profile.

Was not in the market for a playful boat of 16 feet (I have one) but it would be on my short list if I was.

Great boat if you’re light enough for it (I’m “way” too heavy for it and it’s still fun) and you’re ready for a boat that skinny. I really like that one.

Bill H.

You can see the modifications…
…I made to my girlfriend’s Rumour in my “Kayak Outfitting” album on Webshots at:

The cockpit size of the Rumour is somewhat of a mongrel, as it’s larger than a VCP ocean cockpit but smaller than any keyhole I’ve seen. Consequently, you need a special skirt for it. Bushsport and others make skirts that will fit.

might be interesting to try…wonder if there is any here i norway? i paddled a qaanaaq512 for a year so stability shouldnt be too much of a problem…besides the lindisfarne voager will sharpen up my stuff.hhe that boat keeps you on guard…ill check around for the little foster kayak!!

They were made by Watermark…
…in the Netherlands for a while and my girlfriend’s Rumour is a Dutch-built boat, so you may be able to find one on that side of the pond.

CD Rumour
I owned a CD Rumour, which is quite different from the Rumour made from Nigel Foster’s design. The deck is higher. At 115 lbs and 5’1", I was much too small and too light for it–had to add ballast as well as a fair bit of foam padding for contact. And still I was like a cork on the waves. The CD version is made for a much heavier and larger person. Other than that, it is incredibly alive and maneuverable–a fine sports car for the seas in the hands of a skilled paddler.

Rumour- CD version
In my case I did not bob like a cork. At 5’3" and 115 lbs (two years ago) it was not too light at all. I’m really aware of being blown around (& don’t like it) and this was not happening.

My experience, perhaps I tolerate more instability than most. Anyways, to say the CD version is for a bigger heavier paddler is a stretch. YMMV.

A couple of things
glawson is plenty used to a tight fit, probably more than most here. Her latest ride is a Tahe boat and she has spent considerable time on greenland skills.

The Suka which friendlyfire paddles has, as I recall, a deck height that I found to be kind of middling. Not way low, not high either, and I am not certain of this but I think it may be a lower deck than her previous boat.

I was coming from two boats with rather different approaches to a forward deck height when I tried the Rumour, so it would have had to be fairly extreme to seem a big shift up or down.

Regardless of deck height, as far as I know CD didn’t change the hull at all. And that is where the performance of the boat is determined. The deck height is just about how the paddler fits into the thing.

Also, NF gypsied this boat around thru different manufacturers over the years with varying quality results. The CD Rumour is likely to be better made than some of the earlier years of this boat.

CD Version
The CD version did not feel designed for a paddler over 150lb or so I thought. At my 180 or so I thought I’m overloading it. The nose is kind of high and squarish to my recollection (still pointy but not needle-nosed like some others) so I can imagine it might be somewhat susceptible to winds with a 100 pounder -;)…

My own boat (no relation to CD Rumpor) felt very susceptible to winds the first year, while after I got used to it, now it seems to be quite non-affected somehow -:wink:

tested it
Tested the Rumour - love it! I’ve been paddling an Anas Acuta, which, in comparison, is MUCH slower. Boat is less playful, which is to be expected. Easy to roll, in fact, I had to be careful not to over-roll and go back down on the other side. Very fun - I did find the back deck to be high and hit my spine uncomfortably when trying lay-back rolls, but otherwise, no problems. Thanks for the input - I’ll likely get one, as it’s a nice touring boat. Robin

fit, deck height etc
Celia, you’ve quite a good recall! But may I tweak it a bit…

The CD Suka cockpit stands 10.75" inches tall, my Brit boat (the North Shore Fuego) stands 10.5" tall - these are my measurements, taken from floor of boat to underside of hull. So they’re really not much different. I honestly doubt I’d much like a deck to stand any taller. I do understand why some prefer that or need that, just speaking of my preferences.

I agree neither fits as tightly as a Tahe Greenland.

But no one has yet commented that my boats fit loosely LOL. There are just diff styles and preferences.

What conditions were you paddling in?
If you were on flat water, I strongly suggest that you try it on rough water before buying it. You may still love it, but you may not. My girlfriend really likes hers, but she still finds it to be a handful at times when things get rough. NF boats like the Rumour and Silhouette (I used to have one) can be hard to fully relax in.

The Dutch-built boats…
…appear to be hand-laid layups, but they were very nicely done. IIRC, Walden never built the Rumour when they were selling Nigel Foster boats. There may have been some Rumours built in Florida, but I’m not sure. Seaward never sold the Rumour, which is probably why CD could get it.

Thanks for the quick follow-up - it was midwestern smaller lakes with some chop due to speed boats and rebounders. Not enough to get a good feel - I will take that under advisement.