Questions @ using poles

I fish off of coastal NC in the backwaters for huge redfish. I can see how using a pole could help tremendously in shallow water. Anyone have any recommendations on poles…where to get them, how to make them,etc. ?

I’ve pole quite a bit, and also kayaked.
I’m not clear how a pole would be helpful for a kayaker in shallow water. Usually I can scuffle along effectively using the bottom edges or corners of my kayak paddle.

Now, there might be a payoff if you could combine your fishing pole with your moving pole!! Then you wouldn’t have to put your fishing pole down to use your paddle.

I saw an old picture of an Inuit kayaker in marsh reeds using sticks about the size of ski poles. Maybe collapsible hiking/snowshoe walking sticks would work.

Best use for a pole is as a stake out
stick. Push it into the mud and anchor with a brush anchor on a tether. Much easier on the flats than trying to anchor. Get an inexpensive pool cue from Wally World or the like…the take apart kind for easy storage.

Poling may work if you have a stable kayak that allows you to stand so you can sight fish. You probably need a duck foot on the pole to keep it from sinking into the mud.

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and a good way to start. I use a copper end cap on the ends of mine in lieu of the bolt.He's got a 2 pc. aluminum pole site as well. I use the home-depole, and my main poles are simply 12' lengths of aluminum tube, capped to suit.
Ahhh, just saw you kayak. You may want to go shorter than 12' ;-). Wood is quieter than the aluminum, in case you want to sneak up on those fish.