Quetico in September

Would like to know about weather expectations, etc., for a Quetico trip in early (post-Labor Day)to mid-September that we are planning. Thanks.

Usually September
(early) is pretty nice.

That is when John & I take our 7-9 day trip. Most times we have 60’s at least during the day & high 30’s to 50’s at night.

Most times we have not much rain, but other times we get storms & drenched.

Most important is good raingear so you can stay dry.


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September is a great month in the quetico or bwca. No bugs, less people, warm days, cool nights. I have had 2 trips to the bwca in early September. The portages are less crowded and you get a better selection of good campsites. It rained on our first trip but only for a few days. Bring a good rain suit, a cool weather sleeping bag, and a thick fleece jacket and you should be fine. Cool crisp mornings followed by 60-70 degree days and 50 degree nights make for great sleeping and even better paddling.

Don’t even think about it!
The lakes will be frozen. Snow 8’ deep will block the portage trails. Illegal ice shanties will be so thick on the lakes that you won’t be able to drag your boats between them.

And if you do find a path, you’ll be eaten alive by the infamous giant Canadian Ice Mosquitoes.

Besides, I’m planning a trip for this September and the fewer people the better!

September is a great time to be in Quetico. I’ve done 18 trips between the last week of August and last week of September. (Usually 9-14 days in length) 90% of the time the weather has been terrific. I only remember bugs being a problem a couple of times and that was in August. Been snowed on twice during late September trips. Most of the time its cool mornings and evenings with crisp, sunny days. Some nights can get a little chilly. Be prepared for temps that might hit the high 70’s to low 30’s.

Thanks to everyone for all the feedback!

SeriousSummer, I know the feeling. Never liked to shovel too much, if you catch my drift. :wink: