Quetico, north entry suggestions

Is Beaverhouse a hassle to drive to/into, i.e. is it worth heading further up to EP 21. Batchewaung Lake or 22. Sue Falls ?

no hassle to drive into Beaverhouse - if you want to start from the west end, then that works just fine - good gravel road, though you’d want ot keep your eyes open for logging trucks

in some ways, using Nym Lake to Batchewaung is easier and has more conveniences. You can stop in Atikokan the afternoon before and pick up your paperwork ahead of time,stay in a motel there if you want to, have dinner or whatever, and get a crack of dawn start the next day - you can do that from any of the entry points, just that its easier from Nym than Beaverhouse

main difference, I guess, is that from Beaverhouse, your trip starts out west to east, and from Nym, its north to south, and maybe, wind would be more of a factor out of Beaverhouse

I’ve never used the Lerome Lake/Sue Falls entry - always have been just a bit leery of parking for 10 days right off the highway like that, though I’ve not heard anything against it - only car breakin I’ve ever had was at Beaverhouse, where someone broke open the back of my topper and stole a coleman stove - an isolated incident, and I wouldn’t worry about parking there

The Lerome entry is probably the most rugged of the three you asked about, and the least used

Excellent, thanks Matt. We do want to start from Beaverhouse over to Chatterton, through Conmee, Argo, Crooked to the bottom of Moose.