Quetico route, How many days?

Hi all.

We are planning a cross route of Quetico; flying from Ely to Beaverhouse. The dilema is if we have enough time when we hit Sturgeon to visit Chatterton Falls. I figure it will take a day to go through Sturgeon Narrows to Chatterton Falls, then back to the main body of Sturgeon and the head south for Conmee (and portage fun).

So here are the lakes we are traveling. My questions are 1) is there a campsite at or near Chatterton Falls you could recommend, 2) how many days for the following route… thanks ahead of time. -Tom

Beaver House




Sturgeon and through the narrows

Russel up to Chatterton Falls

Back to Main Sturgeon (not through the narrows)








Finish out through Sarah to…

Prarie Portage

Moose (all the way to the bottom)

depends on the wind
wind, and how efficient you are at portaging

I’d plan 2 days to Jean or Burntside

3 days for a side trip to Chatterton Falls

and back out to Fred

1 day Fred to Camel (slow going on Cutty Cr )

2 days to Brent

1 day to McIntyre

1 day to Sarah

2 days to Moose

I went Brent to Veron in one day a couple of years ago, and Veron to Camel the next - I’d add at least 1 or more days as a buffer, and to have a layover day for a rest and fishing

If you get easterly winds, usually out of NE if the weather is bad, just getting up Quetico L will take all day - same with Sturgeon - and if you get that weather, your going to want a rest day at Chatterton Falls - lots of nice campsites on the islands and some good ones just below the falls on teh S side

Everyone wants to camp near
Chatterton. The island directly across is infested with small chewing rodents.

The Chrismar map of Quetico is well worth the small cost.

You may have to find alternative campsites.