Quick! 210cm?

Thoughts on paddle length. I read through some past posts but I didn’t find many clear answers. I am 6 ft. tall and my boat is 22 inches wide. I switch between low and high angle paddle stokes.

Does anyone use a 210 for touring? Too short?

I do
5’ 10", 21 inch wide boat, medium length arms and torso.

ditto on 210
Am 6-1 with 21.5 inch hull. Use mixture of stroke angles. Top edge of blade in water is just under surface with all strokes.

I’m 5’11" and paddle a 22" wide T170 and a 28" wide Tarpon 160i.

I started with 230’s based on the outfitter’s recommendations but have since gone down to a 220 and like it much more. I have considered trying a 210. I don’t think I could get away with a 210 with the Tarpon though.


I’m 5’9" with a 22" boat and 210 is

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perfect for touring for me (mainly high angle). A local kayak dealer who is your height also uses a 210.

for the responses. I am asking because I found an Aquabound Eagle Ray CB/FB for 100 bucks brand new. 210 though. I have been using a 230 but knowing all along that it was too long. Nothing to lose…

6’1 and I use a 210 Ikelos
I sugest that you go to the Werner website. They have a tool that allows you to enter your variables. It will give you paddle reccomendations and lengths. Other manufacturers have similar tools.

21.75 inch wide boat and I use a 210 Cyprus and 210 Shuna, both from Werner, and use them for teaching, and touring or just general play…works out fine.

220, 215, 210
I use a 230 all around currently but that’s just because I’ve recently gone down in boat width from a rec to a light tourer. I’m shopping around for something shorter. I recently demoed a 22" Fathom using a 220cm Swift paddle and liked the feel of it. The rep who was along on the demo said I could probably go down to a 215 or maybe even a 210 with my size and that width boat.

I paddle between high and low …
angle - some of both, actually. My primary is a 215 because I am 5’8" and don’t think I get enough forward reach for the catch with a 210 and my short arms. You should be fine with the 210 at your height.


I do also

I use a 208 and 210
with all my boats including a 33" wide folding double. For a high angle stroke, I often used a 196cm whitewater paddle in my touring boats.


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Working with Ben Lawry this summer I was in my Romany and had my Epic Active Tour Length lock set at 210. Ben felt is was too short as I had to lean forward to plant the blade as he felt best. I adjusted the length to 215 and Ben felt it better for my posture.

Ben noted that is is possible to have too short of a paddle.

I am 6' tall my sea kayaks range from 21" to 22" wide.

In the 'old' method of deciding length (standing next to the paddle and wrapping ones fingers over the top) I used a 230. I moved down to a 220 two years ago and now mostly paddle at 215.

My ww paddle is 197.

My favorite paddle is a 210.
I’m just under 5’7" and my kayaks are 21" and 24" wide and I use it with both. I try to paddle high angle but when I get tired I revert to low angle.

Nigel Foster is 6 foot 1.5 inchs
and uses a 216 cm.

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BTW - when I paddle Euro - I use a 210cm Lendal Kinetic Tour with crankshaft and paddle boats in the 20-21 inch beam range. When I paddle Greenland, I use an 86" GP with a 21" loom. Never owned a paddle longer than 220cm and slowly worked down from there.

I am 6’2" and 188lbs with fairly long arms. (35inch sleeve?)


We oughtta join greyak and gang in FL next winter. Check out the thread with picasa pics. Amazing.

Maybe a bit on the short end for you
but worth trying at that price. It can serve as a spare for now, or your girl can use it when you borrow a boat from redmond.

Your mongo-super paddle is too long and blades are too wide for long trips, but I’d guess 220cm would be closer to the right length for your size and your boat.

I really like the aquabound CF/FG Sting Ray paddle, so I have no doubt that you can resell the thing locally if you decide it’s not a great fit.

At $100, go for it.


I use a 215 Prijon or my 206 WW paddle.
I am very tall, especially from the hips to the shoulders, so a few extra cm works out well. For most who switch styles, a 210 should be excellent.

And for touring
the conventional wisdom is to generally go to lighter weight and narrower blades. Pretty much the opposite of what you had in December.

Wide blade is great for acceleration, but for maintaining speed in a fast boat, it’s just extra weight and more resistance. A normal car might use 80 HP to moderately accelerate to 60mph, but might only need 20 HP to maintain that speed.

I should have let you try my Sting Ray 230 – I think the lady in the Looksha also has a similar touring paddle if you see her soon. Her’s is probably a bit shorter.

I really like the CF shaft/FG blade combo and would probably buy the Eagle Ray 210 for $100 for the wife without thinking twice. The 230cm is definitely long for her.