Quick Attach Rack

I had an idea recently that would most easily be applied to ww boats and I wonder if anyone here has already done this. The idea is to make a “seat” for a particular kayak that would mount to the rooftop rack. The “seat” might be made of treated lumber. The fitted kayak would set on top of this “seat” and be almost instantly attachable by the endloops or hardpoints to prepared latches or sliding dowels on the “seat.” No messing around with straps. Throw the boat up. Slide the dowels through the endloops, click the safety pins on the dowels, and drive away.

Sounds like a giant one-piece cradle
Go for it, and post pictures! The only problem is if you change boats to one with a very different shape.

i think
I saw something similar where the boat goes on the rack upside down and there are a couple brackets that latch on to the coaming.