Quick-Clip pins for carts

Howdy, I got the InStep cc400 and just lost one of the pins, and I’d like to replace it as well as get spare ones. Where do I turn to?

Turn to the manufacturer?


I tried to find a close-up picture of the clip, but not much luck. The best I can tell it looks like a common clip that you should be able to find at a good hardware store or farm supply store. Maybe even Harbor Frieght.

Good luck.

It’s like a screw
with a ring the keeps it in place.

If you put and screw with a nut though then you lose the ability to take it out to fold the cart.

I just found these but in another brand…


I think I got them
set of four for 10 bucks…

Wheeleez WZ5-QCP


My diameter is 3/4 so it looks like a match.


For future reference.
Hardware stores have that kind of thing.

You can see a similar clip at:


I picked it up from the local Ace Hardware store.

Loews and Home Depot too
I picked up replacements at my local Loews.

I’m on my way
to Ace.

bad design to use
You should replace it with an R clip. My cart came with the same type and i lost them on the first portage. I had to make do with a nail I found on the ground.


This style is not nearly as prone to falling out. I would be surprised if a good hardware store didn’t have them. By an extra and tape it to the frame.

Ace had them! I will be looking while I get by with these for the R-type.

Thank you all! Happy kayaking and beware of the shark! :wink:

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