quick decision

in time this will happen

and the p-net faithful will curse your name in hushed irreverent voices.

Yeah, to say nothing of the …

I knew that was coming dagger …

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..... I'm sure kimoj44 feels much better now , lol

he'll be just as proud of his war scars as any of us are in due time ... that's how we justify the abuse we put on our canoes "we call them battle scars and damn proud of it" ... got to rationalize it ya know

Hey Kimoj44 -

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How long is your new Tripper? I can't say I ever recall OT making a Tripper with those graphics - but I could be wrong. I ask because I came close to purchasing a "Tripper" from a guy in Connecticut last year. When I got down there to pick up the boat it turned out the boat was not an OT Tripper. It was a 16 Foot OT Camper that someone had named "Tripper". Looked almost exactly like your canoe. It was a wasted trip. I was not a happy "camper". The Tripper we all know and love is a 17' boat. The Camper is a perfectly fine boat but it is a completely different animal and not the boat that we have been praising here in this thread.

yeah , I’m thinkin he better measure …

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...... just to sure .

I have a vauge memory of the gold stripes on a Rx Tripper once , but my memory ain't so good .

Hull looks flatish in the pic. , chines a bit sharp for a Tripper , but pics, can be deceiving . Maybe cause it's a newer model (??) .

Rx Camper would feel much lighter weight next to a Rx Tripper (20 lbs. , that's 25% diff.)

The OT’s for LL Bean had those.
They may still, I don’t know.

My memory though is that

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LL Bean did that only on the Camper not on the Tripper - but I could be wrong. It was a while back.

The more I look at that pic and then go out and look at my trippers the more I am thinking your boat is a Camper - not a Tripper. But, as has been said its hard to be sure from pics. Best to put the tape measure on it. I hope I'm wrong.


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Just measured....... 17' 2" Also, the serial number starts with "XT........." Does "T" mean "Tripper"?

Also, the word "Tripper" is on a name plate of some sort on the bow.....

Great -
You will love it.

The first three characters of the hull identification number (HIN) is the manufacturer’s identification code (MIC).

XTC is the MIC for Johnson Outdoors, the company that now owns Old Town Canoe.

But finding “Tripper” on the hull should be a clue. And the Tripper is 17’ 2" in overall length and the Camper is 16’ in overall length so I wouldn’t worry.

settles that , it’s an Rx Tripper …
… perfect .