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If my main use of a canoe would be lakes, fishing, etc. and periodic river running on Class I maybe class II ..... would a Discovery 169 suffice?

or should I really upgrade to a Tripper..... costing me about and extral $500?

It's a quick decision because I have some Blem models available that won't be around for long.

either boat would work
Both are large volume tandem canoes and both are heavy.

But the Tripper is the nicer boat and is a bit lighter. And I would rather have the Royalex boat than the polyethylene one, although apart from the weight penalty, poly isn’t by any means a bad material.

I think that only you can decide if the weight advantage, somewhat better hull design, and arguably better hull material is worth $500 or not.

You might also consider that your
interests may expand. The Tripper is a better poling boat, and much better for class 2+(3) whitewater such as the Nantahala. But they’re both too heavy to do Canadian routes with portages.

Compared to the Discovery, you might prefer a Wenonah Spirit II in Tuffweave. Much lighter, stiffer, faster, just as stable.

the Disco 169 is a good canoe …
… with any polyethylene canoe you should check for twist in the hull before purchasing .

I’ve already told you how to do that in a prior post . You use the string , some sticky tape , a marker and measaure with a tape measure from string to gunnels … go read it again .

Some new poly boats will have slight or more twist , you don’t want that … and if it has twist it may well start to oilcan and get worse quickly . Although the oilcanning is a completely different thing than the twist , it is my belief the two things are due to improper cooling during mold process , and perhaps incorrect poly partical distrubutaion … check the twist , 2 out of 4 will most likely show a twist in the hull .

If you have the money
get the tripper. You will not regret it. Buy used. Maybe $600 -700 for a tripper in good shape.

Just got a 6 year old Tripper…is Awesome shape for $750. I couldn’t believe it. About 15 minutes after my last post on this thread I found one. … I’m still in shock :slight_smile:

Enjoy your tripper. You have a boat that can take you in and out of some wonderful places.

Ayuh, and next week you’re gonna find
one in better shape 3 miles from your house for $100 less.

that’s great !! …
… what type of seats in it ??

What’s next on the list of “canoe” stuff you need ??

Show us some pics … you’re gonna love it !!

Ok…I’ll try when I get home to take some pics. We drove for 5 hours total last night to pic it up.

By the way, I saw another for sale for $100 cheaper and closer…BUT IT’S 10 years older!! So, I think I got a good deal. And to think that I almost turned around the other day to get a Discover 169 (new) for the same amount. Boy, am I glad I waited. :slight_smile:

The whole family made the trip down and are so excited. Of course, we’ll be taking her (the kids want to call her “Trippie”) out this weekend. Now I have to find a PFD (any recommendations here on brand and type)?

We also have to find a way to store it (no garage), although I think I can get it in the basement in the winter.

I’m so excited… I still can’t believe it.

Thank you everyone for all your tips, advice, and putting up with my newbie questions.

A couple of saw horses and some shade

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is best for now. You've got the whole season to figure out long-term storage.

Outfit everybody with good PFD's and paddles. A couple of those square orange cushions might not be a bad idea, too. Start out slow in calm shallow water with other people around, if possible, and short excursions at first. The little ones get bored qickly and you don't want to turn them off to it first time out. Paddling with children can be a great family experience... or not!

Congratulations. Take it slow, do it right, and you'll be as glad to have done it as many of us are.

Keep posting your questions here for mostly good, friendly advice.

P.S. I've got a couple of near-new BB "Twig" paddles I'd like to see go to the right family. PM me if you're interested. I really should make a trip up Pittsfield way at some point.

just to confirm …

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...... you're aware of how to store the canoe when not in use .

As tktoo said , it should be upside down on saw horses , 2 x 4's across something like a couple stacked blocks (simulate the top of sawhorse) or similar idea .

The canoe should rest on it's gunnels only , with the supports about 8' apart , try to set the supports level both cross ways and w/reference to each as well ... not extremely critical but best idea .

Keep in basically shaded area , and if you decide to put a cover over it , put something for spacing the cover off the canoe (mostly) ... anything is ok , styro blocks , blow up pillows , etc . , the idea is to allow air under the tarp and let it breath in there as much as possibble ... helps ventilate away heat build up under tarps .

you should name your Tripper
Timothy Leary.


Best to
avoid “trips” with your Tripper.

Man, that’s a blast from the past.

best not to “drop out” of the Tripper.

The Tripper
will take you to some very “far out” destinations.




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It's not like you haven't seen a Tripper before, but you haven't seen my Tripper :-) Just took the kids out this afternoon on the lake. What a blast. They had all kinds of fun......looking forward to more good times with them.


(no, the tips aren't touching the ground)

Ooh, gold graphics!
That’s worth an extra C-note right there!

Nice boat. Cute kid, too. You did OK. Put a zillion scratches on it. Have fun!!