Quick fix epoxy question :

I think I have a pin hole leak in my kayak below the water line in the bow.

It is gel coat over kevlar.

If I clean and sand the area and dab a bit of epoxy on the outside, will it take to the gel coat, and seal the leak, even though the inner kevlar, (in the compartment) is damp?

thanks in advance,


As long as the surface where you are applying the epoxy is clean and dry it should adhere and seal the leak. That being said, if it is possibel to dry the inside as well (perhaps by reaching insude with a hairdryer on a pole)the epoxy may wick in deeper and make a more permanent repair.

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question, jackl:
Could you not dry the inside, just as the prior poster mentions, and simply put a dob of the expoy on the inside, thuis not having to sand and refinish the outer gel coat?

PC-11 Epoxy
Comes in white or black. Get the Marine grade as it is waterproof and will even cure under water for in the field repairs if necessary. Ace Hardware stores carry it. Under ten bucks and easy to work with as it is a simple two part putty you mix, apply and on simpler jobs be done with it. Put Saran Wrap or clear Packing Tape over it to give a smooth, flush finish to it on the exterior of the hull while it is curing.


bonds to almost anything.

Jack why not do it down there ?
Dry the boat on the way down, put a tiny piece of clear tape over the super cleaned outside and do the repair from the inside. Oustide will stay perfect as you can even see whats going on while you work… only needs a few hours to kick in + your tape can even stay on there if you had too.