Quick Kayak Shelter?

Only been in the new house for a couple weeks. I still have six kayaks lying out on the back yard. From 9" to 18’

There is a 10’X20 simi covered area along the side of the house that will eventually be kayak storage, but for right now its the dump for the remodel project.

I was thinking about a 10’X20 canopy from Costco just to get thru the summer

less $$
I’d probably just make two steep triangles out of SPF 2x4, and attach a couple cross-members as shelves for the kayaks. Stand them up, and attach a long ridge beam (as long as the longest boat. Put a diagonal brace or two between the two triangles. Then cover the thing with a tarp. Ugly as homemade sin, but super cheap if you only plan to use it for a year.

How do you fit in that 9" boat ?
Or is it for your pet mouse ?



As an associate of Tchuck,
why aren’t they IN the house? What are you thinking??

Humidity trap
All sounds good. Just make sure wash off all salt from inside and outside the kayak and fittings. Then store it upside Down to prevent moisture incursion into the FG. And then have the shelter ventilated.

I had thought about a cube, but not a triangle

9’ Ocean Kayak Frenzy
It was my first kayak. Probably had more adventures than any other. Still gets some play because its the only boat I can just throw in the back of the van. I took it to Capitola this year.

I Had To Stop Doing That
I had to stop keeping the boats in the house, but I still leave one in the pool sometimes

Clean Up Is Easy
I just throw them in the pool. Also works for wetsuits

Tarp shed
You can get steel fittings to build a shed frame from EMT. Swap meets carry them but they are available on line. Easy up, easy down and dont take up much room when disassembled. Cover with a tarp.

Another possibility is a portable screen room. My daughter has large one they use when camping. They usually set it up over the picnic table.

Or a Couple of Them
I am also thinking of just getting a couple of 10’X10’ camping canopies from Walmart.

I also have a huge tent I could throw a few of them into…