Quick release roof rack

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Does anyone know of a rack system that comes off

real fast thats kind of like the www.kayakpro.com

v rack but without 8 bolts to remove?Perhaps

similar to Thules push button feet for their cross bars.Thanks ,Ecohome

Yakima pod system

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check out the yakima landing pad system. I have it works very well. Not for everyone requires a dealer or you to drill your roof. Just 4 very small pods are on roof, rack cams on and off in 30 seconds. Lockable etc. and can be used on several cars without adjustment.


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NIce to take off the rack when you don't need it. better gas mileage, less rich oil men.

Second the Saris. Very fast to get off.
Less than a minute - NO TOOLS. Almost as fast to put back on - NO TOOLS!

Great rack. Very solid.

Both Racks of My Thule…
…can be removed in 30 seconds, rack goes on less than one minute. Can’t imagine needing it any quicker than that. My Thule is on it’s 3rd vehicle, with different “Foot kits” the only changes. I’ve heard good things about Saris too, but figure I’ll still be using my Thule for many more years. WW

Automatic car wash doesn’t count!
I’d like to see that speed claim in action. Everying comes off together with no loose parts? What tools required? Takes time to get them out too…

T & Y make good racks, and sell more than any, but not too slick. Pretty basic designs. Saris is different - but probably not right for all vehicles.

I’m Dead Serious, Have Witnesses

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Each "Foot" has a button to push, with a little lever that is then pushed down. Rack lifts right off. I typically un-do one side of car, then the other, then lift racks off. Bet I could cut it to 20 seconds to take it off if I really tried. I'll have someone to time me at the Spring Ozark Rendevous. Takes a bit more time to put back on, since the rack has to be slipped back on each foot. If you like, I'll take a pic of the rack setup with a few closeups and post them tomorrow. So you'll see, it's no big "Feat" for my uncoordinated hands, just good design. WW

My Yakima Q-tower racks are joined by
a strut, so that I can loosen all four clips and lift the entire assembly off easily. The only headache is that the little tacky pads like to stick to the car rather than to the towers. Putting the rack back on is only a little slower.

The strut is made of two Yakima kayak tower tubes laid inward and tied together with stainless hose clamps. Having the racks connected this way provides a little extra structural firmness to the whole assembly. I don’t understand why Yakima and Thule don’t provide a strut, although you can also contrive struts by using bicycle rails.

Sounds decent
With my Saris - you just twist knobs on the ends of the crossbars (locks are built in there too) and the whole thing loosens and comes right off. Clips and all. Can be done from one side. Rack self centers. Very fast. To put back on just maybe sure clips are seated and re-tighten (I check both sides putting it back on). When I said a minute, I was being generous. It comes off much faster.

Yup, Saris
After switching to Saris, I wouldn’t go back to Thule or Yakima. It goes on and off so easily that I never leave it on the car when I’m not using it. I also like that I can easily make my own adapters for various purposes for the Saris rack, thanks to the standard T-slot attachment system.

Thats only one model of Thule rack
The only Thule feet that will do that (Tracker II) require a factory roof rack with mounting hardware installed in advance. Obviously, this doesn’t work with most vehicles.

The standard, clip-based Thule feet (400 Aero) are a pain to install and remove, since each foot must be independently tightened or loosened. The locks for each must be removed and reinstalled whenever the rack is removed or installed.

The Saris racks work on almost any vehicle (factory rack or not) with nothing more than a change of clips. Installation and removal is fast, regardless of the type of vehicle.

I have the Yakima/Landing Pad combination on my CRV. I can remove or install the cross bars, towers and hull raisers in less than a minute. The landing pads stay on the car and Yakima provides caps that snap on when the rack is removed.

Thule 430 Tracker II

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That looks like the system I have, and "Yes," the 3 vehicles had factory racks. The rack mounts on 4 permanently mounted (you can take them off, but why) "Feet." Here's a link. WW
http://www.rackwarehouse.com/t430.html And here's a link to what the "Feet" look like.

Pics Thule, A Few Words on Saris
Here’s a link to Pics of my Thule Tracker II. As I said, goes on and off VERY quickly. Bnystrom pointed out that my particular rack works only on vehicles that have rails for a factory rack. I did not realize that, but he is correct. I like my Thule, expect to get several more years out of it, and as I said before, I cannot imagine another rack going on and off quicker than this one. If I were in the market for a new rack, however; I would look at the Saris. EVERYONE who owns a Saris is quick to proclaim all of it’s attributes. I have heard NOTHING but praise for this rack from anyone who has one, so I’d say it must be a fine rack to garner such rabid support. WW


That said…
…it does look like the Tracker II is the simplest, fastest rack to remove an install on cars with factory racks.

Third Vote Saris
I made a mad dash to catch a tour last weekend. I put on the Saris racks, loaded up the car, put up the boat with bow and stern lines in about 15 minutes. It took much less to take it all off the car and unload. Can’t tell you if there’s anything better because I’m plenty happy with what I’ve got.


all racks ??
i was just looking at the thule and llbean sites and it looks like the trackerll is designed to work only with low profile side tracks (no spaces under tracks) with slots for attaching accessories - hope i’m clear - is this correct ?? - looks like a nice fast attaching method, but it probably wouldn’t work on my outback

I Believe That’s Correct
After Bnystrom made the comment “Only Vehicles with factory racks” I took a look at mine, and that seems to be correct. The 3 vehicles mine have been on were Toyota RAV4, Dodge Durango, and now Ford Escape, all which had tracks for factory racks. I have bought “Odds and ends” including Thule Hull-a-port from the Rack Warehouse and I like doing business with them. I checked their website, and looks like they have one for a Forester with the vertical racks, but doesn’t appear the Tracker II will work on the Outback. You might check their website, as I’m not beyond making mistakes! Here’s the link. WW


Yakima system
No tools to put on or take off. Only a few minutes to install or remove and it is lockable.

wonderful racks
They also work great on the Taurus/Sable wagons. And it’s true - they come off in about 30 seconds or less.