Quick Review of a inflatable SUP

I paddled this Saturn SUP last week after trying a Costco board that was for sale on Craigslist. This Jimmy SIkes board was a letdown…slow, too flexy (I’m 215lbs), and it pushes too much water.

Saw a group of SUP paddlers on the water and told them about my inflatable SUP search. One guy had a new Saturn SUP, I paddled it and wow, impressed. http://www.boatstogo.com/inflatable-racing-paddle-boards.asp

I paddled the RSUP380 model which has a 300lb capacity and it performed very well with excellent glide, very good stability, build quality is excellent, weighs about 32 lbs, more narrow then the Costco board for a much better paddle stroke, and priced less then the Costco board. Can’t wait until mine arrives as it’s going to P.V., Mex with me!

Saturn Boards
I was just looking into these the other day. I was looking at the Saturn 11’ foot Pro-Angler. It’s just a basic board but with grommet lined splash guards on the side that you can use to basically convert it into the fishing SUP of your dreams. Or you can turn it into a fishing kayUP (my own word for a hybrid kayak and SUP) by adding a seat to it.

I think a lot of people are gravitating to this hybridized versions of an SUP/Kayak because SUPs are traditionally lighter and more transportable but kayaks are a little more comfortable and versatile, especially for fishing.

Glad to see I’m not the only one willing to give Saturn a go!

I do like Inflatables, but make no mistake, when you buy an inflatable paddle board make sure to get a good quality one and go with the known brands. Honestly you can get a good quality ISUP for less than 500 U$D these days.

I have the Jimmy Sykes Puffer and find it a fantastic inflatable SUP. I don’t weigh anywhere near your weight however I find the board to be so stiff that to the observer they would think it’s a hardboard SUP. It tracks well and travels nicely. For a large board it tracks well. All in all a very pleasing board that stores nicely in the trunk.