Quick-rig Canoe Sponsons-will it work?

I had an idea for some quick-rig sponsons. Before I spend the money to try it out I’d like to get some opinions.

Basically, I would get two of those boat/dock fenders (bumpers). Put one on each side of the canoe right above the waterline and run one of those tie down straps or ratchet straps around the canoe to hold them in place. I know the strap on the bottom of the canoe would create a little drag in the water but that’s okay.

Any thoughts or suggestions?

Nope, it doesn’t work. Tried that
and flipped. It may offer some extra stability, but you really need to get the floats out away from the boat a bit. You want cheap, check this out:


The strap doesn’t cause any significant drag, though. The boat fenders are heavy too.

Don’t Do It!
Did it with a Wenonah Adirondack and didn’t dump it, they just got in the way lifting the boat, tying it down, and especially paddling. Since then, I’ve not worried about it. If you feel you must have sponsons, I’d bite the bullet and buy some from Spring Creek or from Cabela’s. WW

I actually drilled holes in my boat and mounted them with large bolts. WW

Brave soul drilling into a Wenonah.
Hope it wasn’t kevlar.

It Was a Royalex Adirondack
Eventually got rid of it because that olive drab color on the inside made the boat a real “Frying pan” in the summer. I ended up just sticking a couple farm implement ring & pins into the holes. Now, at least, I don’t feel so bad. I see I’m not the ONLY one to come up with that “Bright” idea (LOL)! WW

Damn things seemed like the weighed
almost as much as the boat.

Thanks for the replies.

I like the idea of the outriggers. I saw a guy this past weekend fishing while standing up in his canoe. Had a real nice set of outriggers. What I’m wondering is what do you do when you get snagged up near the bank? I imagine the outriggers would make it real tough to get close to the shore.

If I can get my hands on some old fenders I still may try it out. But the cost of the fenders would be $40 each new so I doubt I’ll try it anytime soon. Doesn’t sound too promising of an idea. Back to the drawing board.

Where do you buy your boat fenders?

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Are we talking about the blue or white tubular shaped rubbery ones, usually with grommets for ropes or straps on each end? Those usually cost about $8 at Wal-Mart.

For getting in close to the bank, it may be good to have a hinged outrigger pole with a pin to hold it rigid. Again, to a point, the farther from the canoe you get the outrigger floats, the more stability. I also just reread your original post. If you put the fenders at the waterline, the drag is tremendous. The need to be above the waterline and work primarily with secondary stability.

I’m not talking about the little cheapo Wal-mart $8 fenders here. I’m talking about the big ones you use on a large boat. 8"x27" or 10"x30". They are $40 each and probably would last forever.

They would be above the waterline by a couple inches. A little lean and the fender kicks in.

Like I said don’t know if I would buy the fenders to try this out but thought it might work.

Academy down here sells those for about
$12. Awfully heavy.

I use these from Spring Creek. Expensive, but effective. http://www.canoegear.com/catalog/product.php?productid=544&cat=53&page=1

Light, strong and cheap
Jumbo pool noodle and PVC.

Several examples on on of the
stabilizer threads recently. Also, kayakfishingstuff.com has severa examples made by members.

Look at the new Freedom Hawk Kayak WWW.freedomhawkkayaks.com

They have created the first stand up kayak. This is a great new product

There are quite a few kayaks stable
enough to stand and fly fish from. The integrated sponsons add more to that.

Not quite the first stand up kayak
Check this out!


  • Big D

freedom hawk
That’s pretty cool concept. swinging sponsons?!?

Back to the drawing board.

For some great looking, but pricey
sponsons, check out Hobie. Don’t know if they have a picture on the website, but the sponsons look great in the brochure.